These records cover last names beginning with S-T of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Sabatier, Charles A.

Sackery, Louis

Sackett, Cyrus W.

Sackett, Jesse D.

Sacks, Eli

Saddler, Benjamin

Saddler, Solomon

Sadler, Carl L.

Sadler, Charles R.

Sadler, Fay F.

Sadler, Jake

Sadler, James A.

Sadler, Ralph A.

Sadler, Theldred W.

Sadler, William J.

Saeler, John T.

Saffell, Dave

Saffell, James W.

Saffold, Edward S.

Safley, Lee W.

Safley, Luther F.

Safreed, Arthur B.

Sage, Hobson D.

Sage, Leland L.

Sager, Albert E.

Sager, Ervin D.

Sage, Russell

Sagley, Charles O.

Sago, William C.

Sailor, Charlie

Sailor, Vance L.

Sails, Melvin

Sain, Ben

Sain, Cain

Sain, Henry T.

Sain, James B.

Sain, Pete

Sain, Robert J.

Saint, Major D.

Sain, William

Sain, William M.

Saiville, William F.

Sale, Frank A.

Sale, Joe H.

Sale, John A.

Sale, Marvin D.

Saler, Alexander

Sale, Ralph

Sales, Adam

Sales, Alfred

Sales, Eugene

Sales, Henry

Sales, Jesse K.

Sales, Jim

Sale, Walter C.

Saliba, James

Saliba, Mike

Saliba, Mike

Salisbury, Samuel T.

Sallee, Frank

Sallee, Jesse G.

Sallee, Lyttleton T.

Sallee, Marshall R.

Salley, Charles C.

Sallis, Delmar

Sallis, John W., Jr.

Sallis, Robert H.

Sallis, Willie

Sallust, Earl S.

Salmons, Francis C.

Salsbury, Earl J.C.

Salter, Griffin

Salter, Perry

Salter, Ruben

Salter, Sam S.

Salter, William J.

Salver, Dwight

Salverson, Charles

Salyer, Dwight

Salyer, Joe S.

Salyer, Ruffis G.

Salyers, Claude E.

Salyers, Thomas

Sammons, Adolphus

Sammons, Edgar A.

Sammons, Ellis W.

Sammons, Isham N.

Sammons, John C.

Sammons, Louis A.

Sammons, Paul E.

Sammons, Robert

Samons, William E.

Sample, Charles G.

Sample, Clark

Sample, Claude R.

Sample, Floyd

Sampler, James

Sample, Rolfe S.

Samples, Isaac

Sample, William