These records cover last names beginning with S-T of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Scarborough, John W.

Scarborough, William F.

Scarbrough, Paul

Scarbrough, Penny

Scarbrough, William

Scarlett, William E.

Scarlett, William P.

Scarlett, Winton C.

Scarry, John T.

Scates, Bruce

Scates, Harve A.

Scates, Oscar N.

Scates, Wilton H.

Sceales, James

Scemans, John W.

Schaal, Simon P.

Schach, Herman J.

Schade, Arthur B.

Schaefer, William H.

Schaefer, William L.

Schaeffer, Lewis G.

Schaible, Le Roy

Schaiff, Connie

Schalchlin, George W.

Schalchlin, Geo W.

Schalchlin, Henry B.

Schalchlin, Walter D.

Schales, Powell

Schanks, James

Scheel, Frank W.

Scheer, Oscar H.

Schee, William F.

Scheffler, Ed C.

Scheffler, Will F.

Scheifer, Edward L.

Schell, Artemas J.

Schell, Sam H.

Schenk, Roman

Schenks, Herbert H.

Scher, Abe

Schichtl, Joe

Schicker, Ferdinand A.

Schiesler, Jack

Schilling, Arthur

Schilling, Carl

Schimmel, Clarence T.

Schinegruber, James H.

Schingle, Joe A.

Schisler, James E.

Schisler, W. Richard

Schlaefli, August E.

Schlaefli, Louie E.

Schleif, Joseph F.

Schlenker, Addie R.

Schlesier, Otto

Schliser, August

Schlosberg, Charles

Schluter, George W.

Schluterman, Theodore J.

Schlutterman, Henry

Schmale, George D.

Schmelzer, Joseph A.

Schmicker, Joseph

Schmid, Carl J.

Schmidt, Ernest M.

Schmidt, Jake F.

Schmidt, John W.

Schmitz, Ben J.

Schmitz, John

Schmoe, Geary E.

Schmuck, Charlie A.

Schmuck, Frank J.

Schmuck, Harry H.

Schmutzler, Ewald C.

Schnabaum, Zaniel A.

Schnebly, Mallie J.

Schneider, Carl A.

Schneider, Emil W.

Schneider, Fred A.

Schneider, Frederick

Schneider, Henry H.

Schneider, Hubert

Schneider, Joseph H.

Schneider, Silvan J.

Schneider, Theodore

Schnell, Lewis E.

Schockley, Henry

Schoenberger, Klein

Schoenfield, Morris

Schoen, Solomon T.

Schoeppe, Rudolph J.

Schoeppe, William P.

Schoffstoll, Robert B.

Schofill, Oscar R.

Schoggen, Edgar A.

Schoggin, Noah W.

Scholem, Jesse M.

Scholem, Samuel C.

Scholes, Joseph D.

Scholtz, Charles