These records cover last names beginning with S-T of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Sample, William R.

Sampley, John W.

Sampson, Archie D.

Sampson, Charley

Sampson, Charlie B.

Sampson, Clarence

Sampson, Frank

Sampson, George F.

Sampson, James H.

Sampson, Jasper L.

Sampson, Luther

Sampson, Phillip O.

Sampson, Thomas

Sampson, Timothy

Sampson, Willie

Sams, Dan

Sams, Ernest A.

Sams, George

Sams, John

Samuel, Alfred G.

Samuel, James

Samuel, John E.

Samuel, Otis

Samuel, Ourran

Samuels, Garland

Samuels, James H.

Samuels, Lewis

Samuels, Louis E.

Samuels, Otis

Samuels, Thomas

Samuel, Willie

Sanches, Joe

Sancomb, Thomas H.

Sandage, Charles E.

Sandage, Sylvan J.

Sandefer, Dewey

Sandefer, Tillman B.

Sandefur, Otho V.

Sanderlin, Joe B., Jr.

Sanderlin, Joe H.

Sanderlin, William F.

Sanders, Albert C.

Sanders, Albert L.

Sanders, Alfred

Sanders, Alonzo

Sanders, Alvin F.

Sanders, Ambrose V.

Sanders, Archie E.

Sanders, Arthur

Sanders, Arthur

Sanders, Ben

Sanders, Ben

Sanders, Benjamin H.

Sanders, Carrel B.

Sanders, Carroll

Sanders, Carry L.

Sanders, Charles

Sanders, Charles

Sanders, Charley

Sanders, Clarence

Sanders, Clark M.

Sanders, Claude

Sanders, Claude W.

Sanders, Cliinan

Sanders, Climie

Sanders, Clinton W.

Sanders, Clyde

Sanders, Dave

Sanders, Dock B.

Sanders, Donnie A.

Sanders, Earl B.

Sanders, Earl M.

Sanders, Eddie

Sanders, Eddie

Sanders, Eddie

Sanders, Edgar

Sanders, Eli

Sanders, Elmer

Sanders, Enree

Sanders, Farfield

Sanders, Felix C.

Sanders, Floyd A.

Sanders, Forest E.

Sanders, Frank

Sanders, Frank

Sanders, Fred

Sanders, George

Sanders, George

Sanders, George

Sanders, George R.

Sanders, George W.

Sanders, George W.

Sanders, Godfrey

Sanders, Grover

Sanders, Grover

Sanders, Harlow

Sanders, Hayden R.

Sanders, Hayward

Sanders, Hector

Sanders, Henry