These records cover last names beginning with S-T of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Schoolcraft, Arvel P.

Schoonover, Roy

Schrader, Henry W.

Schratz, Edward

Schreiber, Louis E.

Schreier, Herman

Schriver, Clarance C.

Schroeder, Arthur E.

Schroeder, Ernst H.

Schroeder, Fred

Schroeder, Freddie

Schroeder, Jessie

Schroeter, William F.

Schubert, Carl F.

Schueller, Vincent

Schuette, Clarence E.

Schug, Philip

Schuh, Wright L.

Schuh, Wright L.

Schuler, John

Schuler, Stone

Schults, John B.

Schultz, Adam G.

Schultz, Archie C.

Schultz, Joe G.

Schultz, Oscar J.

Schulze, Alfred

Schulze, Alvin

Schulze, Charles A.

Schulze, Walter C.

Schulz, Henry

Schumki, Albert

Schupback, Charley

Schuster, Charles E.

Schuster, Harvey H.

Schwab, Hobert M.

Schwanda, Henry

Schwarz, Hugo M.

Schwarz, Max

Schwarz, Theordore

Schwarz, Willie W.

Scifres, Thomas W.

Scillian, Raymond D.

Scipio, Lucius F.

Scissom, James

Scobey, William F.

Scoggin, Horace W.

Scoggin, Riley H.

Scoggins, Ben A.

Scoggins, Cornelious M.

Scoggins, Horace D.

Scoggins, Howard C.

Scoggins, Hugh M.

Scoggins, James R.

Scoggins, James T.

Scoggins, Jess W.

Scoggins, Jess W.

Scoggins, Lonnie

Scoggins, Thomas S.

Scoggin, Walter J.

Scoles, Leo

Score, John N.R.

Scott, Abe

Scott, Albert F.

Scott, Allen

Scott, Alvie J.

Scott, Alvin

Scott, Andrew H.

Scott, Ansell

Scott, Antonio

Scott, Arthur A.

Scott, Arthur P.

Scott, Autlie P.

Scott, Ben

Scott, Ben F.

Scott, Benjamin F.

Scott, Benjamin J.

Scott, Bennie

Scott, Bert

Scott, Bob

Scott, Bodie

Scott, Boots

Scott, Cash L.

Scott, Charles

Scott, Charles E.

Scott, Charles H.

Scott, Charley A.

Scott, Charlie

Scott, Charlie

Scott, Charlie

Scott, Chester J.

Scott, Chirley

Scott, Clarence L.

Scott, Claud

Scott, Clem A.

Scott, Clifton

Scott, Clifton H.

Scott, Columbus

Scott, Cornelius

Scott, Cottrel