These records cover last names beginning with S-T of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Sandhouse, Herman A.

Sandifar, Jay B.

Sandifer, John M.

Sandifer, Paul M.

Sandlin, George D.

Sandlin, James R.

Sandlin, John C.

Sandlin, Robert F.

Sandlin, Walter E.

Sandlin, Will

Sandridge, Lon P.

Sands, Charles F.

Sands, Homan

Sands, John B.

Sands, Wade

Sandusky, Lacy

Sandusky, Theo G.

Saner, Orlando B.

Saner, Orlando B.

Sanford, Albert

Sanford, Buford

Sanford, Easton O.

Sanford, Edgar B.

Sanford, Emile

Sanford, Gilbert

Sanford, Herbert B.

Sanford, Howard

Sanford, Innis

Sanford, Newton

Sanford, Ralph L.

Sanford, Robbin S.

Sanford, Robert A.

Sanford, Rose

Sanford, Schinault W.

Sanford, Sloan M.

Sanford, Tilden A.

Sanford, Tom

Sanford, Will

Sanford, William A.

Sanford, William W.

Sang, Harold S.

Sangster, Claude D.

Sangster, Ernest C.

Sangster, Fred

Sangster, Grover

Sangster, John G.

Sangster, John G.

Sangster, Ray

Sangster, Robert F.

Sangster, Sylvester

Sanridge, Lawrence

Sansing, Willie B.

Sansom, David E.

Sansom, James J.

Santelia, Michael

Santini9, Serofino D.

Sapaugh, Robert L.

Saper, Nathan

Saper, Nathan

Sapp, Elmer H.

Sapp, Lawrence V.

Sapps, Daniel D.

Sarason, Jack A.

Sargant, Edward

Sargeant, Marion W.H.

Sargent, Forest C.

Sargent, Frank

Sargent, John

Sargent, John

Sarjent, Claud L.

Sarna, Henry

Sarna, Mathew

Sarna, Smead

Sarratt, Richard

Sartain, Carl C.

Sarten, Joseph

Sarten, Walter S.

Sarter, Grant

Sarver, Harry E.

Sarver, Otha B.

Sasser, Ben S.

Sasser, Odie

Sasser, Parnell

Sasser, Wallace

Satterfield, Dedrick W.

Satterfield, Frank

Satterfield, Hubert E.

Satterfield, Lee M.

Satterfield, Olie E.

Satterfield, William

Satterfield, William L.

Sauccer, Emitt

Sauers, William E.

Saugey, John

Sauls, Aubry

Saunders, Benjamin F.

Saunders, Everett

Saunders, Felix

Saunders, Garland T.

Saunders, James