These records cover last names beginning with S-T of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Saunders, Lawrence R.

Saunders, Luen C.

Saunders, Luen C.

Saunders, Newt T.

Saunders, Owen

Saunders, William D.

Sauter, Edward J.

Sauter, George A.

Sauyers, Lucas

Savage, David

Savage, Dock

Savage, Elzy W.

Savage, George H.

Savage, Harry P.

Savage, Howard

Savage, Ira

Savage, James C.

Savage, James H.

Savage, Luey

Savage, Prentias

Sava, Louis F.

Savannah, William

Savells, William B.

Saville, Will

Sawrie, Orville S.

Sawyer, Alvie

Sawyer, Claud C.

Sawyer, Delbert W.

Sawyer, Eddie

Sawyer, Emmett W.

Sawyer, Fred

Sawyer, Frederick N.

Sawyer, Homer

Sawyer, Hugh M.

Sawyer, James B.

Sawyer, Milton

Sawyer, Monsieur H.

Sawyer, Ollie H.

Sawyer, Ovah V.

Sawyer, Roy C.

Sawyer, Sam E.

Sawyer, Samuel

Sawyers, Carl L.

Sawyers, Carl M.

Sawyers, Henry

Sawyers, William A.

Sawyer, Thomas M.

Sawyer, Walter

Sawyer, Will

Sawyer, William A.

Sawyer, Zed

Sawyer, Zemry

Sax, Alfred J.

Saxon, Fred

Saxon, William F.

Saxton, Leroy

Saxton, Pin F.

Saxton, Thomas

Saye, James N.

Sayers, Clarence W.

Sayers, Elmer

Sayers, Ernest L.

Sayers, Kelly J.

Sayle, Edwin H.

Saylor, Calvin

Saylor, Leon

Saylors, John M.

Saylor, William E.

Sayre, Daniel B.

Scacchitti, Edward

Scaggs, Edgar G.

Scaggs, Griffon

Scaggs, William B.

Scaife, Al

Scaife, Henry

Scaife, James

Scaife, Roland L.

Scaife, Roland L.

Scaife, Willie

Scales, Bishop

Scales, Charles A.

Scales, Emmett W.

Scales, Hezekiah

Scales, James A.

Scales, John

Scales, Jut

Scales, J. William

Scales, William M.

Scales, Willie

Scallion, Benjamin

Scallion, Nick

Scanlan, George R.

Scantling, Edgar L.

Scantling, William H.

Scapes, Arlan D.

Scarber, Hugh

Scarborough, Jack

Scarborough, James I.

Scarborough, James R.

Scarborough, John R.