The SARA vertical files, or research files, cover a wide range of topics. Materials within a file vary, but may include newspaper clippings, researcher notes, a historical overview, printed pamphlets, or event programs.

These files are not comprehensive studies of a topic. Some may only contain one or two items.


Submissions from 2020

Aaron Nelson

Abe Mulkey

Abernathy Family

Abner Bryson Williams Family

Abner Moren Estate

Abraham Block Family

Abraham Miller Family

Abraham Stuart Family

Absalom Holcombe Family

African American History: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

African-American History: Arkansas' Early African-American Lawyers

African American History: Genealogy

African American History: Slave Sales, Lafayette County

African American History: Spirituals

African American History: Underground Railroad

African-American Sports in Arkansas

Agriculture: Cantaloupe Process Workers

Agriculture: Fulton Grass Company

A. J. Smith

Alan White Furniture Company: Stamps, Arkansas

Albert Pike

Albert Pike Campground Memorial

Albert Sears Family

Alexander Avery

Alexander Benson Family

Alexander Kirkpatrick Family

Alexander McDowell

Alexander Rose Family

Alexander Watkins

Alex H. Washburn

Alex Little

Alfred McGee Family

Alfred Rodgers Family

Allen Petty Family

Almand Family

Almand-Moore Family

Alston-Bell Family

Alvin Baker: Polk County

Amaziah Lewis: Clark County

American Daffodil Society, Incorporated

American Music History Resources

America's Wars and War Casualties

Amity, Arkansas


AMTRAK Construction, Hope, Arkansas

Andre Olivier and his Store

Andrew Coleman Papers

Andrew Edwards Family

Andrew Frank Sandefer

Andrew Jackson Haynes

Andrew Kilgore

Andrew Lee Dyke: Hempstead County

Andrew Peden

Annie Eanes Slaughter

Annie E. Oats

Annie Laurie Carter

Annie Pearl Patterson

Ann James Marshall

Ann James McMahan: Washington County

Antimony City, Howard County

Antique Cars

Antiques: China Identification Marks

Apocalyptic Belief

Archeological Assistance Program Training

Archival Conservation

Archives: Arkansas History Commission

Archives: Granite Mountain, Utah

Archives: Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives, Washington, Arkansas

Archives: University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Aritcle: Farm Theft Epidemic in Arkansas


Arkansas Archeological Survey

Arkansas Archeological Survey Training Materials

Arkansas Archeology

Arkansas Bicentennial Commission

Arkansas Champion Trees

Arkansas: Constitution

Arkansas Counties

Arkansas Creole

Arkansas Department of Corrections: Cummins Prison Farm

Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services Workshop Materials

Arkansas' Economy

Arkansas Forestry Commission, Unit 10

Arkansas Genealogy Society

Arkansas Governors and United States Senators

Arkansas Heritage Trails

Arkansas Historical Association

Arkansas Historic Preservation Survey: Southwest Arkansas

Arkansas History Commission-NEARA Grand Opening

Arkansas: Industry

Arkansas Jails

Arkansas-Louisiana Border

Arkansas: Name and Pronunciation

Arkansas Post

Arkansas Postcard Past: Barlow Hotel, Hope, Arkansas

Arkansas Railroader

Arkansas's Possessive Case

Arkansas Studies Institute, Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas-Texas Border

Arkansas-Texas Sesquicentennial Rivalry