The SARA vertical files, or research files, cover a wide range of topics. Materials within a file vary, but may include newspaper clippings, researcher notes, a historical overview, printed pamphlets, or event programs.

These files are not comprehensive studies of a topic. Some may only contain one or two items.


Submissions from 2020

Arkla Village, Emmet, Arkansas

Arlene LaGrone: Hempstead County

Armistead Blevins Family

Armstrong-Dixon Family: Hempstead County

Arnett-Williams Family

Arthur A. Gibson

Arthur Yates Family

Art: Prehistoric Ceramic Art of Arkansas

Asa C. Ellis Family

Asa Musick, Lawrence County, Arkansas, Court Records

Asa Stokely Morgan Family

Ashdown, Arkansas

A. T. Bishop Family: Hempstead County

Augustus Block

Augustus Crouch, Jr.

Augustus Garland

Avery Family

Bailey Inglish Family

Bailey-Murrah Family

Baird/Beard Family

Baird-McClinton Family

Baker-Foote Family

Baker Springs, Howard County, Arkansas

Baker Springs Resort: Polk County, Arkansas

Ball Family

Banks: Chidester, Ouachita County

Banks: First National Bank, Hope, Arkansas

Banks: Washington Bank Robbed, Washington, Arkansas

Barbaree Family

Barber Shop: Cliff Strong Jr, Columbia County

Barber Shop: P.L. Tapp, Winthrop and Mineral Springs Arkansas

Barclay-Rowen Family

Barger Family

Barksdale Family

Bass Reeves, U.S. Deputy Marshal

Battlefield Preservation Camden Campaign

Bellevue Valley, Missouri

Belzora Brown Cheatham Family

Benjamin Franklin Bartlett Family

Benjamin Franklin Minshew Family

Benjamin Goss Family

Benjamin Marbury Family

Benjamin McKinney Family

Ben Lomond, Arkansas

Bennett-Butler Family

Bentley Family

Betts-Barr Family

Betts-Hudson Family

Betty Jo Hayes: Hempstead County

Betty Likes Clarke Family

Bill Moran, Master Bladesmith

Bill Reyenga, World War II Prisoner of War Memoirs

Bill Worthen, Historic Preservation Alliance

Bittick Family

Black-Shaw Family

Blacksmiths: Washington, Arkansas

Bladesmith Hall of Fame


Blake-McClure Family

Bland Family

Blanton Family: Lafayette County

Blevins, Arkansas

Blevins-Willis Family

Blevins-Yarberry Family

Block-Conway Family

Bobo Family

Bodcaw, Nevada County, Arkansas

Bogan-Reeves Family

Bolt-Conatser Family

Booker-Walker Family

Bookout Family

Bostic Family, Hempstead County, Arkansas

Boswell Family

Bowie Knife: Folder 1

Bowie Knife: Folder 2

Bowie Land Claims: Hempstead County

Boyd-Runyan Family: Columbia County

Boyette Family

Boyett-Routon Family

Brackman Family

Bradley Lumber Company

Bridges: Little Missouri Bridge, Hempstead County

Bridges: Ozan Creek, Hempstead County

Bridges: Red River, Fulton, Arkansas

Bridges: Rockport, Ouachita River, Hot Spring County

Bridges: Saline Creek, Pike County

Bright Star, Arkansas

Brittany Maxwell: Hope, Arkansas

Britt-DeLaughter Family

Brock Family: Polk County

Brown Family

Brown-Fuquay Family

Bruce Family

Bryan Michael Day

Bryant/Briant Family

Bumpers Family

Burleson-Green Family

Burleson-Whitesides Family

Burton-Props Marriage

Buster Family