The SARA vertical files, or research files, cover a wide range of topics. Materials within a file vary, but may include newspaper clippings, researcher notes, a historical overview, printed pamphlets, or event programs.

These files are not comprehensive studies of a topic. Some may only contain one or two items.


Submissions from 2020

Federal Tick Eradication Act

Ferdinand Lee Family

Field Family

Fielding Irvin Family

Field-Pope Family

Fincher Family

Fincher-Jackson Family

Flags: Confederate

Flags: Confederate Flags in Arkansas

Flags of the World


Flowers Family: Lafayette County

Flower Springs Plantation: Howard County

Floyd-Butler Family

Folklore: Aprons

Folklore: Arkansas Folklore Society

Folklore: Buried Treasure in Little River County

Folklore: Buried Treasure in Sevier County

Folklore: Cerrogordo Lost Mine

Folklore: Folkways of the Red River Region

Folklore: Ghost Light at Gurdon, Clark County

Folklore: Hair Chains

Folklore: Lost treasure of the Cossatot

Folklore: Mid-South Folklore Catalog

Folklore: Rackensack Folklore Society, Pulaski County

Folklore: Southern Folklore

Folklore: Spanish Mines in Polk County

Folklore: Trammel's Trace Legend of Silver Treasure

Folklore: Twin Springs' Spanish Gold

Fontaine Family

Fore Family: Nevada County

Formby Family

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Foster-Dugger Family

Foster Family

Foster-Walker Family

Fouke, Arkansas

Fowles-Smith Family

Fox-Richebourg Family

Foyle/Foil Family

Frances andThomas Richmond Wilson

Frances Miller Family

Francis Asbury Baker

Francis Everett Ralls Family

Franklin Hamilton

Frederick Dierks

French Family: Polk County

Fulkerson-Stuart Family

Fulton, Arkansas

Funeral Pamphlets: Hope, Hempstead County

Funeral Pamphlets: Prescott, Nevada County

Funeral Pamphlets: Sparkman, Dallas County

Fuquay-Holman Family

Galloway Family


Garrett Family

Gas Lights: Formula for Chemical Fluid Gas Light


Gentry-Collins Family

Gentry Family

George Alexander Tindall

George Berry Family

George Gillespie Family

George Guinn Duty Family

George Hill Family

George Mosley: Texarkana, Arkansas

George Myron Adamson Family

George R. Woolsley

George Smith Family

George T. Griffith

George Todd Pickett Family

George Travis Wright Records: Austin, Texas

George Washington Orton Family

George Washington Rogers Family

George Washington Ross

George Washington Stuart Family

George W. Cavin Family

George William Aaron Family

George William Pyle Family

George Winton

Georgia County Map

Germany/Jermy Family

Gilliam Family

Gilliam-Pettus Family

Gin City, Arkansas

Gladys Golston: Lincoln High School, Washington, Arkansas

Glasgow Family

Glenn T. Johnson

Glen Travis Campbell: Pike County

Glenwood News Press

Glenwood Sawmill, Pike County, Arkansas

Glover-Oliver Family

Godfrey Family

Godwin-Matthews Family

Gold-Rike Family

Goodner-Standridge Family

Good Ole Boys Club, Nashville, Arkansas

Goodwin Family

Gorham Family

Gosnell Family