The SARA vertical files, or research files, cover a wide range of topics. Materials within a file vary, but may include newspaper clippings, researcher notes, a historical overview, printed pamphlets, or event programs.

These files are not comprehensive studies of a topic. Some may only contain one or two items.


Submissions from 2020

Butler Fulton: Hempstead County

Buttermilk Paint Recipe

Butter Molds

Buzzard-Wilson Family

B.W. Edwards Gun Museum, Washington, Arkansas

Calahan Family

Caldonia Ardella Rider

Caldwell-Hopson Family

Calendar Chart 1800-2050

California Gold Rush

Callaway/Calloway/Caloway Family

Camden, Arkansas

Campbell-Covington Family

Candid Opinion, Volume V, No. 12, Prescott, Arkansas

Cannon Family

Cannon-Murphy Marriage

Carlton McKinnon, Hope World War II Veteran

Carl William Gillespie Family

Carr-Harpole Family

Carrigan Family

Carrigan-Moore Family

Carrington-McPhail Family

Carruth Family, Washington, Arkansas

Carruth Gun, Sutherland Collection, South Carolina

Carter Jenkins, Washington, Arkansas

Casper Lee Stratton Family

Catalpa Trees

Caves: Crack Cave Carvings, Colorado

Cazzell Family

C. D. Franks: Little River County

Cecil and Mary Harris, Howard County, Arkansas

Cecil Joel Brantley

Cemeteries: Abandoned, Howard County

Cemeteries: Baldwin, Hempstead County

Cemeteries: Camp Nelson, Austin, Arkansas, 10th Texas Infantry

Cemeteries: Cedar Grove, Lafayette County

Cemeteries: De Ann, Prescott, Nevada County

Cemeteries: Dr. Jones Cemetery, Hempstead/Howard Counties

Cemeteries: Evergreen, Montgomery County, Confederate Dead

Cemeteries: Fayetteville National Cemetery

Cemeteries: Friendship, Howard County

Cemeteries: Grannis Cemetery, Polk County

Cemeteries: Hempstead County

Cemeteries: Hiller Cemetery, Howard County

Cemeteries: Lafayette County

Cemeteries: Lafayette County

Cemeteries: Lee Cemetery, Roxton, Lemar County, Texas

Cemeteries: Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, Mineral Springs

Cemeteries: Merrell Cemetery, Howard County

Cemeteries: Patmos Cemetery, Hempstead County

Cemeteries: Pioneer Cemetery, Washington, Arkansas

Cemeteries: Rondo, Miller County

Cemeteries: Rose Hill, War Veterans, Hempstead County

Cemeteries: Schaal Cemetery, Howard County

Cemeteries: Sevier County Updates

Cemeteries: Six-Mile Cemetery, Polk County

Cemeteries: Stateline, Miller County

Cemeteries: Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Jefferson County

Cemeteries: Union County

Cemeteries: United States Deputy Marshals in Oak Cemetery, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Cemeteries: Westmoreland Cemetery, Hempstead county

Cemeteries: West Union Millington Tennessee

Cemeteries: Wright's Chapel Undate, Sevier County

Census: 1850 Lamar County and Red River County, Texas

Census: 1911 Arkansas Confederate Veterans

Census: Research Guide

Center Point Methodist Episcopal Church South, Howard County

Centre Point, Arkansas

Cerrogordo: Little River County

Chambers-Davis Family

Charles and Carolyn Henley, Nashville, Arkansas

Charles Burkham: Miller County

Charles Henry Payton

Charles Mitchell Walker Family

Charles Walthall

Charlie J. Johnson: Emerson, Columbia County

Cheatham Family

Cherokee Heritage Center

Chesser Family

Chet Nunley

Chick-Wilson Family

Christmas Cards

Churches: Amity Missionary Baptist

Churches: Antioch Baptist Church, Hempstead County

Churches: Ashdown and Richmond Methodist, Little River County

Churches: Beech Creek Baptist Church, Columbia County

Churches: Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Pike County

Churches: Bodcaw Missionary Baptist Church, Bodcaw, Arkansas

Churches: Bradley Baptist Church, Lafayette County

Churches: Bruce Memorial United Methodist Church, Blevins, Arkansas

Churches: Carolina Methodist Church, Nevada County

Churches: Columbia County

Churches: Columbus Methodist Church, Columbus, Arkansas

Churches: Columbus Presbyterian Church, Columbus, Arkansas

Churches: Ebenezer Methodist Church, Saline County

Churches: Emmet United Methodist Church, Nevada County

Churches: First Baptist, Bodcaw, Hempstead County

Churches: First Baptist Church, Bingen, Arkansas

Churches: First Baptist Church, Lewisville, Arkansas

Churches: First Baptist Church, Mena, Arkansas