The SARA vertical files, or research files, cover a wide range of topics. Materials within a file vary, but may include newspaper clippings, researcher notes, a historical overview, printed pamphlets, or event programs.

These files are not comprehensive studies of a topic. Some may only contain one or two items.


Submissions from 2020

De Ann, Hempstead County, Arkansas

Delaughter-Brunson Family

Delony Family

Denman Family

Denson-Hopson Family

Denton Family

DeQueen, Arkansas

Dew-Hill Family


Dick Click: Winthrop, Arkansas

Dickey Clay Plant: Texarkana, Arkansas

Dickson Family

Dierks Lumber Company: DeQueen, Arkansas

Dinnah and Max Funderburg: Lafayette County


Doctors: Washington, Arkansas

Don Wright: Lafayette County

Dorothy Shaver, Center Point, Arkansas

Dorothy Shaver: Polk County

Dossey Family

Doss Wright Family

Downs Family

Drew Family

Dr. R.L. Hinton

DuBois Family

Duggan-Carter Family

Dugger-Turner Family

Duke-Almand Family

Duke Family

Eagle Family: Nevada County

Eagle Scout: Boy Scouts of America Troop 5, Hope Arkansas

Early American Cookstoves

Ebenezer Campground: Howard County

Ed Corley: DeQueen, Arkansas

Eddie Lovett: Banks, Arkanasas

Eddleman Family: Polk County

Edie Curtis Family

Edmond Norris Family

Edmondson Family Newsletter

Edmon J. Lyons Family

Edmund Almand Family

Education: Ecology Classroom

Education: El Dorado Promise

Education: Excerpts From School Manual, Texarkana, Texas

Education: Polk County Teachers' Licenses 1899-1900

Education: Roster of School Directors, Hempstead County

Edward Harris Family

Edward Haynes Family

Edward Holmes Family

Edward Johnson Family

Edwards-Kinsworthy Marriage

Edwards-Props Marriage

Edward Warren Gantt

E. D. Williamson Civil War Service Record

Edwin Holt Family

Edwin Jeremiah Littleberry Green: Hempstead County

Edwin J. Littleberry Green Family

Effie Anderson Smith

Elam Morrison

Eleanor Russey Gilliam Family

Electa Wiley: Hempstead County

Eley Cabin: Hempstead County

Elias Carruth Family

Elijah O'Keefe: Nevada and Ouachita Counties

Elizabeth Pyle

Ellen Perdue Probate Land Sale

Elmer Clay Williamson Family

Emanuel Gibbons Family

Emanuel Philip Stuart Family

Emily Stuart Conway

Emma Lynn: Polk County

Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture Guidelines

English Family: Texas

Enoch A. Stephens Family

Enoch Smith Family

Ephraim Dixon

Ephraim Turner Family

Ernest Haselman Store in Ozan

Ernest Weideman Family

Ernie Deane Family

Erwin-Adkins Family

Erwin Catts


Essie Mae Washington-Williams

Estate of John Brittain

Ethan Allen Murphy Family

Ethel McRae Bemis Park, Prescott, Arkansas

Ethnic Minority Memorabilia Association, Washington, Arkansas

Eugene B. Jett: Hempstead County

Eugene Godfrey: Washington, Arkansas

Evander Dickson Brown

Evans Family

Ewing Family

Ezekial Nance Family

Ezekiel Kinsworthy: Sevier County

Fairs: Cullen Baker County, Atlanta, Texas

Fannie Northum

Farr-Gillaspie Family

Farriba-Green Family

Federal Programs: Mothers' Pension Fund