In 1911, the Public Acts of Arkansas No. 353 outlined for a census to be taken of Confederate veterans living in Arkansas by the tax assessors of each county. 1751 questionnaires, from 44 of Arkansas’s 75 counties, were completed and are stored at the Arkansas State Archives.

The questionnaires include the veteran’s full name, post office address, date and place of birth, and date and location of enlistment. Information about parents and grandparents, including war service and immigration information, is also included.

To obtain copies of the following questionnaires please visit the Arkansas State Archives or email us at


Submissions from 1911

Adams, Abb

Adams, Cicero Columbus

Adams, John Thomas

Adams, Julius H.

Adams, Mathew

Adams, M. E.

Addy, Reuben L.

Adney, Martin V.

Agerton, James Polk

Aiken, John Wm.

Akin, John D.

Alderson, John

Alewine, James Hiley

Allen, Augustus

Allen, Charles Christopher

Allen, George Dunlap

Allen, Henry

Allen, James

Allen, John R.

Allen, Steven B.

Allen, Thomas Alexander

Allen, Thomas Wesley

Allison, Abraham Kirkendal

Anders, Joseph Marian

Anderson, Abraham Marion

Anderson, Charles Tarpley

Anderson, James H.

Anderson, T. T. C.

Andrews, John Wesley

Andrews, Joseph Lawrence

Andrews, William A.

Ansley, Cicero Arnold

Appleberry, John Delmas

Appleberry, William Henry

Armond, Robert Wilson

Armstrong, Byrom Steward

Armstrong, Michael Decab

Arnold, Thomas Jefferson

Arnold, William Wilkinson

Ashby, George

Ashcraft, J. E.

Ashlock, Jim Lewis

Atchison, Thomas J.

Atkins, Charles A.

Atkins, James Maston

Attaway, E. Z.

Aubrey, Pinkney Ben R.

Auman, Henry

Austin, Allen Wesley

Austin, Cole

Austin, John M.

Austin, Robert Joseph

Aycock, Samuel Emit

Ayer, William Sanford

Bagby, John

Bagwell, Will Jefferson

Bailey, James Henry H.

Bailey, James Monroe

Bailey, John Berry

Bailey, Matison

Baker, Ben William

Baker, Edward Sims

Baker, James

Baker, James Franklin

Baker, John William

Baker, Joseph Newton

Baker, Joshua Carson

Baker, J. S.

Baker, William D.

Ballance, Richard

Ballard, James M.

Ballard, Samuel Jefferson

Ballard, Theophilus

Bandy, Greenbury Casteel

Baranger, William Henry

Bardin, James Thomas

Barker, Brinkley B.

Barker, David Edward

Barkley, Jerry George

Barksdale, William B.

Barley, W. L.

Barnes, Lafayette

Barnes, W. F.

Barnes, William Wilson

Barnett, Calvin Taylor

Barnett, Ira Nelson

Barry, William Thomas

Bartee, Thomas Andrew

Basket, Joseph Clark

Bass, David S.

Bates, James Madison

Bates, John Miller

Bates, Joseph Young

Bates, Peter Russell

Beaird, George Washington

Beane, John Edward

Bean, Richard Henderson

Beard, Charles Henry

Bearden, John Wesley

Beard, James Henry