In 1911, the Public Acts of Arkansas No. 353 outlined for a census to be taken of Confederate veterans living in Arkansas by the tax assessors of each county. 1751 questionnaires, from 44 of Arkansas’s 75 counties, were completed and are stored at the Arkansas State Archives.

The questionnaires include the veteran’s full name, post office address, date and place of birth, and date and location of enlistment. Information about parents and grandparents, including war service and immigration information, is also included.

To obtain copies of the following questionnaires please visit the Arkansas State Archives or email us at


Submissions from 1911

Edwards, John Asbury

Edwards, Thomas Peabody

Eichenberger, William Henry

Ellis, C. Green

Ellis, John Erwin

Ellis, John Levi

Ellis, William B.

Ellis, William J.

English, Wilbur Fish

Eoff, Joseph Franklin

Epperson, Harrison Thompson

Ervin, James William

Erwin, Ambrose S.

Erwin, Benjamin F.

Estes, Benjamin Murphey

Estes, William C.

Evans, John L.

Evans, Sam A.

Evans, William

Everett, Andrew Jackson

Evins, Hugh Crozier

Fair, Edwin Franklin

Fancher, James Polk

Fancher, William Alex

Farley, William Franklin

Farmer, Robert Anderson

Farris, Alvin

Fason, William Thomas

Featherston, Thomas B.

Fenison, Alexander

Ferguson, John Ashferd

Ferguson, Marion

Ferrell, Benjamin Sloan

Ferrill, James Washington

Few, John H.

Fike, William Bonaparte

Files, Jesse Thomas

Fine, Peter

Fine, Thomas Jefferson

Finley, Francis Marion

Finley, Hiram Crumly

Fitzgerlad, Samuel Smiley

Fitzhugh, E. B.

Fletcher, Lemuel S.

Flournoy, William Nelson

Flowers, John James

Flowers, William Jarrott

Floyd, Jesse Keeland

Fomby, J. R.

Ford, John H.

Ford, Thomas C.

Forester, William Martin

Formby, Andrew Jackson

Fortner, Richard Huie A.

Foster, Ephraim

Foster, James A.

Foster, Jim Monroe

Foster, William

Foster, William Thomas

Foster, Y. F.

Fowler, J. H.

Fox, G. W.

Franklin, George W.

Franks, John Wesley

Fraser, James H.

Frazier, John B.

Fredeking, Alford Theodore

Freeman, Newton Gabrel

Freeman, William Hamlon

Friar, J. T.

Frost, James B.

Fulmer, Levy Gee

Fultz, Samuel

Furgerson, Milton Adolphus

Futrall, T. A.

Gaddy, H. D.

Gage, James Monroe

Gage, William Britan

Galloway, John C.

Gambill, Burgess A.

Gandy, Charles William

Gandy, H. P.

Gardner, Henry J.

Gardner, William Flaniken

Gardner, W.S. C.

Garner, Benjamin Frank

Garner, Charles Wesley

Garner, Thomas Franklin

Garretson, John Wesley

Garrett, Peter M.

Garrison, James Henry

Garrison, Major Brown

Gateley, I. J.

Gateley, W. K.

Gathright, William Spencer

Gentry, Benjamin F.

George, Clabe

Gibbs, Thomas Jefferson

Gibson, Green Berry

Gilbert, John Webster