In 1911, the Public Acts of Arkansas No. 353 outlined for a census to be taken of Confederate veterans living in Arkansas by the tax assessors of each county. 1751 questionnaires, from 44 of Arkansas’s 75 counties, were completed and are stored at the Arkansas State Archives.

The questionnaires include the veteran’s full name, post office address, date and place of birth, and date and location of enlistment. Information about parents and grandparents, including war service and immigration information, is also included.

To obtain copies of the following questionnaires please visit the Arkansas State Archives or email us at


Submissions from 1911

Bronaugh, Christopher Columbus

Brooks, Hugh S.

Broomfield, Jasper Newton

Broughton, John Ragin

Brown, Calvin Rufus

Brown, Harmon L.

Brown, James

Brown, James C.

Brown, Jessie M.

Brown, Milton Abell

Brown, Morgan Durden

Brown, Thomas Mathew

Brown, William Alexander

Brown, William E.

Brown, William Franklin

Brown, William W.

Bruce, Charles Edward

Bryan, Pinkney Alexander

Bryant, Eligh B.

Bryant, Joseph

Bryant, William A.

Brymar, Thomas Jefferson

Buchanan, James Albert

Buchanan, James Greenfield

Buchanan, Pleasant W.

Buchanan, William M.

Bullion, Thomas Jefferson

Bull, James Robert

Bullock, Green Berry

Bunch, James Larkin

Bunch, Lewis Cass

Bunch, Nathaniel Columbus

Burford, John Terrel

Burgess, Benjamin A.

Burgin, George P.

Burke, Theophilis

Burkett, James

Burkhead, William James

Burks, Henry Clay

Burks, Newton Baker

Burns, George Washington

Burrough, John

Burrow, Andrew Jackson

Burrow, Nathaniel D.

Burrows, Thomas Jefferson

Burton, James Harrison

Burton, Peter S.

Busby, Burl

Bush, Ben F.

Bussey, Anderson

Bustion, Willis

Butler, Isaac Jason

Buzbee, Stephen

Byars, Lewis Bonner

Byrd, George Washington

Byrd, John

Cahn, Michael

Cain, Hector V.

Cain, Willis Anderson

Caldwell, Thomas Benton

Callahan, Andrew S.

Callans, G. M.

Callans, W. D.

Cameron, John Archibald

Campbell, Alexander

Campbell, Augustus Washington

Campbell, R. A.

Canfield, Lemuel Gipson

Cannon, William Alonzo

Canon, Francis Marion

Caraway, Bryant

Carey, William Henry

Carl, Barton Arnold

Carlock, Thomas Wilson

Caron, Alfred Wiley

Carr, B. F.

Carroll, Jefferson James

Carson, Edward Samuel

Carter, Calvin

Carter, Elisha Schroebel

Carter, Thomas

Carter, William Ira

Casey, Jesse Newton

Cassidy, Patrick

Cass, William

Castleberry, William Jackson

Catlett, Isaac

Cauthon, John Perry D.

Cawley, Robert M.

Cecil, Henry Harrison

Chamberlain, James Monroe

Chambers, S. B.

Chambers, Thomas J.

Chandler, David

Chandler, John Henry

Chandler, Newton Franklin

Chant, William Ephrim

Charles, Newton C.

Chavis, Rufus

Childers, John Berry