In 1911, the Public Acts of Arkansas No. 353 outlined for a census to be taken of Confederate veterans living in Arkansas by the tax assessors of each county. 1751 questionnaires, from 44 of Arkansas’s 75 counties, were completed and are stored at the Arkansas State Archives.

The questionnaires include the veteran’s full name, post office address, date and place of birth, and date and location of enlistment. Information about parents and grandparents, including war service and immigration information, is also included.

To obtain copies of the following questionnaires please visit the Arkansas State Archives or email us at


Submissions from 1911

Chism, James Franklin

Choat, Went C.

Chrisman, James William

Chrisp, Robert Wesley

Clark, William Henderson

Clark, William Jasper

Clary, Wiley Grant

Clawson, John

Clay, James Wilborn

Clayton, Augustus Samuel

Clayton, Clement Clay

Clayton, John Love

Clayton, Philo Glen

Clemments, William Thomas

Coady, Daniel Leander

Cobb, David A.

Cochran, James Mathew

Cofer, J. T.

Cofer, J. W.

Coffin, Charles

Coffin, James Park

Coffman, Elihu

Coffman, Hugh

Coffman, John

Coleman, David R.

Cole, Reuben E.

Cole, William Douglas

Coley, Joshua O'Neil

Colliars, Jefferson T.

Collins, Aaron

Collins, Thomas Ansley

Collins, William Henry

Collum, William Taylor

Colvin, John

Compton, Robert

Condry, William J.

Cone, Nicholas

Cone, Rofford Lewis

Connelley, N. F.

Conway, Joel Dyer

Cook, Barnett M.

Cook, Benjamin Washington

Cooke, James D.

Cook, John Thompson

Cook, R. E.

Cook, Virgil Young

Cooper, John G.

Cooper, Joseph

Cooper, William Robert

Coopwood, Benjamin James A.

Copeland, Bluford Madison

Copeland, Pleas

Corum, James R.

Cotton, L. R.

Couch, Berry H.

Couch, Jacob A.

Courtney, Emanuel

Courtney, Simeon

Covey, Archable

Cowger, W. N.

Cox, Charles Moffett

Cox, James Milton

Cox, Richard Franklin

Cox, Robert Donald

Cox, Robert R.

Cox, Samuel Jefferson

Crabtree, William A.

Cracraft, George Knox

Craddick, Isom Warren

Craig, Isaac

Craig, Thomas B.

Craig, William W.

Crain, Joseph

Crane, Stokely Rowin

Cranford, Hiram Craton

Crawford, George W.

Crawford, John Farrar

Crawford, Peter Arnold

Crim, Thomas Jefferson

Criswell, William Harvey

Crone, Frank

Cross, Marion Ferdinand

Crow, James R.

Crow, J. T.

Croy, Robert Tailor

Crozier, Arthur Clark

Crozier, Charles Oliver

Crozier, Hugh Vaughn

Crozier, James Knox

Cruce, John Smith

Crump, George Alexander

Cullins, General Taylor

Cullins, Wailes Wellington

Culpepper, Charles H.

Cummings, Henry Clay

Cummings, Kibble Carr

Cunningham, James

Cunningham, James A.

Cunningham, James Caswell

Cunningham, Joel V.