In 1911, the Public Acts of Arkansas No. 353 outlined for a census to be taken of Confederate veterans living in Arkansas by the tax assessors of each county. 1751 questionnaires, from 44 of Arkansas’s 75 counties, were completed and are stored at the Arkansas State Archives.

The questionnaires include the veteran’s full name, post office address, date and place of birth, and date and location of enlistment. Information about parents and grandparents, including war service and immigration information, is also included.

To obtain copies of the following questionnaires please visit the Arkansas State Archives or email us at


Submissions from 1911

Gill, David Kendrick

Gillespie, Andrew Jackson

Gillham, David Bradley

Gilliam, Joseph William

Gill, William Partee

Gill, W. R.

Ginnings, W. D.

Ginn, Isaac Marion

Gipson, Micle Berry

Gipson, William M.

Givens, Zenas N.

Glossup, John

Glover, Hudson Jackson

Glover, Joel Joseph

Godwin, Hartwell

Golder, James M.

Golding, John Reed

Goodson, Willis Marshall

Goodwin, Elisha Mills

Goodwin, James R.

Gorman, Joseph Van

Goss, John Washington

Govan, F. H.

Goyer, James William

Grace, J. A.

Grafton, John

Graham, Eli Frazier

Graham, Mathew Franklin

Granger, Cicero M. G.

Graves, Calvin Cooper

Graves, Ludlow Decatur

Graves, William David

Gray, George

Gray, Henry V.

Gray, James Franklin

Gray, J. O.

Gray, Mason Foley

Gray, Thomas Washington

Gray, William Henry

Greene, Henderson Palmer

Greenhaw, Brice Townsend

Green, John Francis

Greenlee, Alison J.

Green, Michael

Greer, James Solon

Gregory, Alexander

Gregory, William James

Griffin, John P.

Griffin, John Wesley

Griffith, Asberry James

Griffith, Dan

Griffith, John Perry

Grimmett, Thomas Jefferson

Grizzle, Daniel Mitchell

Grose, Columbus Chandler

Guilliam, James T.

Halcomb, Nathan T.

Hale, Harrison Benjamin

Hale, James Smith

Hale, John Tate

Hale, Wyley Martin

Haley, Thomas Alford

Hall, Albinus Julius A.

Hall, George Washington

Hall, Green Franklin

Hall, James P.

Hall, Montraville Taylor

Haltom, John D.

Hambay, Absalom

Hambright, Joseph G.

Hamilton, Eli Silmon

Hamilton, John Milton

Hamilton, Louis Clark

Hamilton, Silas Monroe

Hamilton, Thomas (Jr.)

Hammock, Crofford Milton

Hammond, George Washington

Hammonds, George Washington

Hamm, Thomas

Hampton, James Benjamin

Hancock, Jessie Bowden

Handley, J. L.

Haney, T. L.

Haney, T. L. ("Thad")

Hankins, W. D. C.

Hannah, Robert Owen

Hanner (or Hannah), Ezekiel

Hansen, Andrew Jackson

Hanson, Thaddeus Star

Hanson, Thomas Jefferson

Harcrow, George Washington

Harden, Adlia

Harding, Benjamin

Hardin, James

Hargis, John J.

Harless, Charles P.

Harmon, Eli G. W.

Harper, Daniel Boone

Harper, Marion M.

Harrell, Andrew Jackson