Washington County was established in 1828 from part of Crawford County and Lovely County. It was named for President George Washington. Fayetteville serves as the county seat.

A list of the Washington County records microfilm available at the Arkansas State Archives can be found in our County records microfilm collection.

The results below are automatically collected from materials on this site that have been tagged with the Geographical Area of “Washington County (Ark.)” This list does not include all of the Arkansas State Archives’ materials regarding this county, but provides a starting point for research. Please click on each title below to learn more about it and the collection to which it belongs.


Submissions from 1932

McGee, Mrs. Geo. M.D.

Submissions from 1931

Russell, Mrs. Elsie V.

Images from 1930


Washington County townships map, 1930

Submissions from 1926

Crowell, Dora B.

Crowell, Robert N.

Hurn, P.R.

Submissions from 1925


Annie Mae Emerson West Fork High School graduation invitation, 1925

This collection contains one invitation.

Submissions from 1924

Houchens, Mrs. William T.

Houchens, William T.


Washington County Democratic primary election results, 1924 August 12

This collection contains a chart with the official vote of the Democratic primary of Washington County from August 12, 1924. It includes the number of votes received for each candidate in each town in the county.

Submissions from 1920

Hanna, Peter


Joseph Lawrence Dickson land patent, 1857-1920

This collection contains a land patent for Joseph Lawrence Dickson, filed in the Fayetteville, Arkansas, Land Office on April 4, 1857. It also contains a letter stating that the annexed copy of the patent is true and literal exemplification from the record held in the Department of Interior, General Land Office.

Scott, W.N.

Submissions from 1919

Map of Washington County, Arkansas

Orr, John

Submissions from 1918

Ezell, Isaac

Glenn, Gearoge W.

Submissions from 1917

Bolen, Charles C.

Submissions from 1914

Howe, J.B.


Notice of commissioner's sale, 1914 January 1

The broadside in this collection is dated January 1, 1914.


Washington County (Ark.) message to the home seeker, 1914

This collection consists of one message to the home seeker with a brief summary of the resources of Washington County, Arkansas, dated 1914.

Submissions from 1911

Bates, Peter Russell

Blake, John G.

Brewster, William Smith

Buchanan, James Albert

Buchanan, James Greenfield

Earle, Fontaine Richard

Edmiston, James Madison

Edmiston, Thomas A.

Edmiston, William Henderson

Gray, James Franklin

Gray, Mason Foley

Gray, Thomas Washington

Gray, William Henry

Henderson, J. T.

Ish, Jacob Kepler

Kimbrough, John McClung

Leach, John M.

Little, Samuel Rector

Morrow, Hugh

Morrow, James Alexander

Morrow, John Coleman

Parks, Joseph R.

Shannon, William Henry

Smith, Andrew Jack

White, James

White, Robert

Submissions from 1910

Governor George Donaghey and William Jennings Bryan Special Train near Fayetteville

Submissions from 1904


Oath of judges and clerks 1904 election Washington County, Arkansas, 1904

This collection contains an oath of judges and an oath of clerks for Illinois Township, Washington County, Arkansas dated March 26, 1904.

Submissions from 1902


Real estate sale notice, 1902 March 11

The broadside in this collection is dated March 11, 1902.

Submissions from 1899


Harvey D. Wood postal notice, 1899

This collection contains a postal notice dated July 5, 1899 to Dr. Harvey D. Wood of Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Roy Robinson report card, 1899

This collection contains a report card for Roy Robinson from Adams School in Washington County, Arkansas.


Roy Robinson report card, 1899

This collection contains a report card for Roy Robinson from Adams School in Washington County, Arkansas.

Submissions from 1890


J.J. Emmerson, Washington County (Ark.) appointment, 1890

This collection contains the appointment of J.J. Emmerson as beneficiary to Arkansas Industrial University, by H.P. Greene, County and Probate Judge of Washington County, Arkansas on April 1,1890.

Submissions from 1888

Geological survey map of Washington County

Submissions from 1886


James P. Neal and Samuel J. Crowell land record, 1886

This collection contains one deed.

Submissions from 1884


Brackin Lewis Justice of the Peace oath, 1884 November 12

This collection contains the signed and dated Justice of the Peace oath for Brackin Lewis.

Submissions from 1880


Washington County (Ark.) poll book, 1880

This collection contains a poll book, numbers and names of electors, and election tabulations for Washington County, Arkansas for the 1880 general election.

Submissions from 1878


White River Township (Washington County, Ark.) poll book, 1878

This collection contains one poll book for White River Township in Washington County, Arkansas used during the General Election held September 2, 1878.

Submissions from 1874


T.W. Thomason delegate certificate, 1874

This collection contains T.W. Thomason's Delegates Certificate for the 1874 Arkansas Constitutional Convention.

Books from 1866


1866 May 12: Copy of deed, Matthew Leeper to Easter Crockett, 1848, by Washington County clerk George W. M. Reed

Submissions from 1862

Plan of the Battle of Prairie Grove

Sketch of the Battlefield of Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Books from 1857


Isham Harrell bill of sale, 1857

Submissions from 1852


P. R. Smith court record, 1852

This collection contains a court document regarding the common schools of Washington County, Arkansas dated February 3, 1852.

Books from 1836


1836 December 20: B.H. Smithson, John G. Stout and John Cureton, Washington County, to Governor Conway, Certificate


1836 February 3: William Ball and A. Yell to Governor William S. Fulton, Request appointment of Alexander H.M. Kisick as Justice of the Peace in Washington County

Books from 1835


1835 June 19: Bryan H. Smithson, Onesimus Evans, and John West, Washington County, to Governor William S. Fulton, Election returns

Submissions from 1829


Washington County (Ark.) sheriff's census, 1829

This census for Washington County was recorded by the sheriff in 1829.