The Arkansas State Archives Vertical files, or research files, cover a wide range of topics. Materials within a file vary, but may include newspaper clippings, researcher notes, a historical overview, printed pamphlets, or event programs.

These files are not comprehensive studies of a topic. Some may only contain one or two items.


Submissions from 2020

100 Black Men of Greater Little Rock

100 Women's Technology, Entrepreneur, Career and Women

1814 Foundry United Methodist Church, 1977 Washington, D.C.

1880 United States Census, Arkansas Place of Birth

1882 Intruders

1970 Census of Population Arkansas

200th Anniversary of Arkansas Gazette pages from the Past

223rd Combat Communication Squadron Ceremony, Arkansas Air National Guard

308 Strategic Missle Wing, 25th Birthday Celebration, Little Rock Air Force Base

400 Voice Trojan Chorus Annual Spring Concert

4 Corners Ancestor Fair, July 25, 26, 27, 1996

7 Rebels' gravesite designated cemetery

84th General Assemble, 10 Best and Worst Legislators

A.A.A. Officials Arkansas Tour, Itinerary

A. Allen Weintraub

Aaron E. Henry

Aaron Harvey: Little Rock, Arkansas

Aaron Spann Family

Aaron Williams

AARP Connections Arkansas

AASIS: Arkansas Administrative Information System

ABA Newsletter, Arkansas Broadcasters Association

Abbe/Abby Genealogy

Abel Brown

Abel Reinhardt Family

Abernathy Family

Abernathy-Holmes Family

Abner Stennet

Aboard the Ark, The Nature Conservancy

Abraham Block

Abraham Bufford

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Bed

Abraham Miller

Abraham Peed

Abraham Smith

Abram Colby

Absalom Fowler

Absalom Fowler letter

Absalom Mading

A. B. Williams

Academy of Certified Archivists

Academy of Certified Archivists, Inc. Membership Directory

Acey Ladd

Acie Leon Johnson

A. C. Patrick

Acquistion of Judge Isaac Parker document

Act of Arkansas admission into the Union, The Globe

Actors in Arkansas

Acts of Arkansas: Microfilm Index

Ada Boney: Stamps, Arkansas

Adam Family

Adam Frederick

Adam Lockhart

Adams Addenda: Adams Family Newsletter

Adams Cemetery

Adams Field

Adams-Hammond Family: Union County

Adams-Miller Family

Adamson Family

Adams-Wallace Family

Adams Wilson Family

Adam Trieschmann

A. D. Carnes

Addington Family

Adjutant Generals of Arkansas

Adkins Family

Adler Building, Batesville, Arkansas

Adler Family: Van Buren, Arkansas

Admission to Union Sources

Adolph Felsenthal

Adolphus James Boyd

Adolphus Reed

Adrian Brewer

Adrienne Adia McGill

Advanced Quarterly, Missionary Baptist series

A. E. Bush

A. Edwin Kendrew

AETN, Festival 84

A Festival Service for July 4, 1976 St. Paul's Lutheran Church


African American Arkansas educators

African-American Art at Windgate Center of Art

African American Artists of the South

African American Baptist Associations and Organizations in Arkansas

African American Business Leaders in Arkansas 1990

African American Cemetery : Shady Grove Cemetery

African American Heritage

African American Heritage Event, Arkansas Museum of Science & History

African American History: 100 Black Men of Greater Little Rock

African American History: AETN's Dreamland

African American History: Albert Morgan, Jr.

African American History: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

African American History: Alpha Phi Alpha

African American History : America's Black Heritage Calendar

African American History: A Piece of Heritage Home Quilt

African American History: Application for the Blind Pension

African American History: Appomattox Club

African American History: Arkansas Black Hall of Fame