The Arkansas State Archives Vertical files, or research files, cover a wide range of topics. Materials within a file vary, but may include newspaper clippings, researcher notes, a historical overview, printed pamphlets, or event programs.

These files are not comprehensive studies of a topic. Some may only contain one or two items.


Submissions from 2020

Alfred Martin

Alfred M. Goodman

Alfred M. Stringfield

Alfred W. Arrington

Al Green

Alice Ayers

Alice Dean Nelson

Alice French

Alice Johnston Stringfellow

Alice Louise Walton

Alice Louis Kruse Family

Alice L. Preston

Alice Mable Smith Barabin: Osceola, Arkansas

Alice Walker

Alicia, Arkansas

Alicia Traywick: Little Rock, Arkansas

Alida Clark

Allbright - Powell Family

Allen Berry

Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Allen Chapel African Methoidt Episcopal Church

Allen Family

Allen Family

Allen Family

Allen Family

Allen Family: Alabama

Allen Family: Columbia County

Allen Franklin Burton

Allen Hill Autrey

Allen John Kirkland

Allen McClain

Allen M. Oakley

Allen M. Scott

Allen N. Blevins Family

Allen Parker

Allen-Shuffield Family

Allen Tarver

Allen W. Clark

Allie Beth Martin

Allison C. Brown

Allmandinger-Ahrent Family

Alltel Annual Report, 1998

Alma Reddick Jamerson

Almarine Hogan

Alma School History

Alma Wesson

Almer Kendall Johnson, Jr.

Alonzo "Lonnie" Clayton

Alonzo Mays

Alonzo W. Decker

Alpha J. W. English

Alpha Phi Alpha Annual Debutante Ball

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

Alphonso Logan

Al Reese

Alroy Puckett

Alsa C. Howard

Alston Family

Altee Tenpenny, NLR Football Star

Altrusa Tours Confederate Memorial Cemetery

Altus Historical Society

Alum Cove Natural Bridge Scenic Area Ozark National Forest

Aluminum industry

Aluminum Industry Annual Statistical Review

Aluminum Ore

Al "Uncle Neb" Newby

Alva J. Wells: Grant County

Alvatt Quiett

A. Maceo Walker, Sr.

Amanda Baygents

Amanda C. Edmondson Newton: Georgia

Amanda Hulett

Ambler Family

Ambros Dollar: Alabama

Ambrose Dudley McDaniel

A. M. Clingman

Amelia Martin: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Amendment 55 : A Vehicle for Change

American Archivist, The: Problems of Identification

American Association for State and Local History

American Association of University Women, Little Rock Branch

American Bar News

American Bible Society

American Church Sunday School Magazine

American Civil Liberites Union of Arkansas, Award Dinner

American Civil War Society of England

American Clan Gregor Society: Folder 1

American Clan Gregor Society: Folder 2

American Clan Gregor Society: Folder 3

American Clan Gregor Society: Folder 4

American Clan Gregor Society: Folder 5

American Family Research Association

American Genealogical Lending Library

American History : Rising Place of Local and State History in American Historiography

American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation

American Krusaders

American Legion Auxiliary National Defense Committee

American Legion Posts in Arkansas

American Missionary Association Schools

American Petroleum Institute