This page contains index entries from the Shrader Studio negatives collection dating from 1946-1949.



Angell, Mrs. Mildred

Angelo, Pvt. Peter

Anhalt, Mr. and Mrs. G. H.

Anhalt, Mr. and Mrs. H.

Anthony, Mrs. Ellen

Anthony, Rubye

Apple, Frankie

Apple, Frankie

Applegate, Mrs. C. S. Jr.

Applehanz, Jacob J.

Apple, Mrs. C. C.

Apple, Nancy Ann

Arakaki, S.

Arakaki, Senzie

AR Assn for the Crippled

AR Assn of Ins Agents

AR Baptist Hospital

AR Building & Supply Co

Archer, Miss J.

Archer, Mrs. E. M.

Archer, Mrs. E. M.

AR Children's Home

Arendt, David

Arendt, Pat

AR Enterprises for the Blind

AR Enterprises for the Blind

AR Enterprises for the Blind

AR Enterprises for the Blind

AR Health Department

Arledge, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.

Arlitt, Mrs. O. W.

Armbruster, Mrs. Fern

Armbrust, Joan

Armbrust, Mrs. John

Armbrust, Ruby Jean

Armour & Co

Armour & Co

Armstead, Mr.

Armstrong, Edythe

Armstrong, Jeanette

Armstrong, Joan

Armstrong, Margaret

Armstrong, Mrs. Howard H.

Armstrong, Paul

Armstrong, Spencer

Arnberg, Robert

Arner, O. L.

Arnes, Ruth L.

Arnold, Capt. R. J.

Arnold, E. M.

Arnold, John

Arnold, John

Arnold, Miss A.

Arnold, Mrs. F. E.

Arnold, Mrs. Fred E.

Arnold, W. J.

AR Senate

AR State Hospital

AR T B Assn

Arthur, Mary

Artz, L. C.

Asel, Mrs. Mary

Asel, Mrs. Richard

Asel, Richard

Asel, Richard B.

Ashbaugh, E. E.

Ashcraft, Mrs. L. H.

Ashley, Katherine

Ashley, Mrs. L. D.

Askew, Mrs. T. R.

Assn of Architects

Atterburg, Mrs. A. C.

Attwood, Bubba

Atwater, George H.

Atwood, Mrs. Mark

Atwood, Nell

Atwood, Nellie

Austen, Darrell

Austen, Vernelle

Austin, Mrs. Gay

Austin, Mrs. H. L.

Austin, Sandra

Austin, Sgt. and Mrs. L. F.

Auten, Judge Lawrence

Autry, L. H.

Autry, L. H.

Autry, L. H. Jr.

Auxier, Robert

Avants, Leo

Avendale, Mrs. Edith

Avra, Ernest

Avra, Rosemary

Avra, Rosemary

Axton, S/Sgt. David

Aydelott, Billy

Ayers, Miss Lee

Ayres, Bob

Ayres, Leonard

Azizian, John

Babb, D. D. Jr.