This page contains index entries from the Shrader Studio negatives collection dating from 1946-1949.



Allbright, Ann

Allbright, Ann

Allbright, Ann

Allbright, Ann

Allbright, Evelyn

Allbright, Evelyn

Allen, Betty

Allen, B. L.

Allen, Charles

Allen, David O.

Allen, Deane

Allen, Dr. Hoyt

Allen, Dr. M. B.

Allen, Faye

Allen, J. A.

Allen, James G.

Allen, J. E.

Allen, J. E. Jr.

Allen, Johnny

Allen, Kitty

Allen, Lois Faye

Allen, Miss J.

Allen, Montine

Allen, Mrs. E. O.

Allen, Mrs. O. W.

Allen, Mrs. Paul

Allen, Owen G.

Allen, Shirley

Allen, Shirley

Allen, Shirley

Allen, Tom

Allen, Tommy

Allen, Yvonne

Allen, Yvonne

Allen, Yvonne

Allison, Nancy

Allred, Bamma

Allred, John

Allred, Paul

Almaden, Dr. P. J.

Almond, Bobbie

Alred, Juanita

Alsep, Jo Nell

Alsip, Jo Nell

Alsobrook, Jimmy

Alston, Charlene

Altenhofel, Dorothy

Altenhofel, Henry

Altman, Eva

Altman, Mrs. W. T.

Alvarez, Dr. H. G.

Ambort, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.

Ambort, Mrs. Louis

Amo, Mrs. W. K.

Amo, Mrs. W. K.

Amo, Mrs. W. K.

Amour, Mrs. Joe

Amsler, Guy

Amsler, Mrs. Guy


Ancoin, Carol

Anders, Henry


Anderson, Capt. H. I.

Anderson, Carolyn

Anderson, Carolyn

Anderson, Cecil

Anderson, Charles

Anderson, David

Anderson, Jack

Anderson, Jean

Anderson, June

Anderson, Lomax

Anderson, Lora

Anderson, L. S.

Anderson, Milton

Anderson, Miss D.

Anderson, Miss E. L.

Anderson, Mrs. Frank

Anderson, Mrs. Harold

Anderson, Mrs. Harry Jr.

Anderson, Mrs. L. B.

Anderson, Mrs. M. F.

Anderson, Mrs. R. O.

Anderson, O. B.

Anderson, Ruth

Anderson, Smiley

Anderson, Suella

Anderson, Su Ella

Anderson, T. J.

Anding, Leonard

Andrellli, Mary Lou

Andres, Frederick U.

Andrews, Gerald

Andrews, Jr. A. E.

Andrews, Mrs. A. L.

Andrews, Mrs. Charlotte

Andrews, Mrs. R. D.

Andrews, Myrtle Jean

Andrews, Thelma