This Arkansas death records index provides the location of death records as published in church publications, cemetery records, mortality censuses, newspaper obituaries, and county and local records in the Arkansas State Archives' holdings.

Records include the name of the deceased, the source in which to find the death record, and the record's date. In the case of obituaries and similar records, the recorded date is the day on which the obituary was published, not necessarily the day the person died, while cemetery records show the date listed on the person's gravestone. To view the records associated with these index entries, please visit to the Arkansas State Archives.

This portion of records includes last names beginning with letters J-L.



Jackson, Emma

Jackson, Emma C. George

Jackson, Emma E. Johnson

Jackson, Emogene Farmer

Jackson, Enoch

Jackson, Ephriam

Jackson, Epsey

Jackson, Ernestine

Jackson, Ernest J.

Jackson, Ernin Rose

Jackson, Esther Merle

Jackson, Ethel

Jackson, Etta M.

Jackson, Eugene

Jackson, Fanetra Kentashia

Jackson, Flossie Jenness

Jackson, Floyd R.

Jackson, Floyd Wayne

Jackson, Frances H.

Jackson, Frances Mitchell

Jackson, Fred

Jackson, Fred Lee

Jackson, Gaide W.

Jackson, George

Jackson, George A.

Jackson, George F.

Jackson, George O.

Jackson, George W.

Jackson, Georgia

Jackson, Georgie A.

Jackson, G.L.

Jackson, Glen

Jackson, Gloria Marie

Jackson, G.O.

Jackson, Grace A.

Jackson, Grace Cole

Jackson, Hallie P.

Jackson, Hannah H.

Jackson, Harvey Leslie

Jackson, Hattie

Jackson, H.E.

Jackson, Helen Yvonne

Jackson, Henry

Jackson, Henry C.

Jackson, Homer

Jackson, Horace

Jackson, Howell B.

Jackson, Hughley Lesley

Jackson, Inez

Jackson, Jackie Travis

Jackson, James

Jackson, James Armon

Jackson, Jennie Havis

Jackson, Jerry

Jackson, Jesse A.

Jackson, Jimmy

Jackson, Joe E.

Jackson, Joel

Jackson, Jo Emma

Jackson, John

Jackson, John E.

Jackson, John E.

Jackson, John H.

Jackson, John Henry

Jackson, John J.

Jackson, John Leon

Jackson, Jonathan O.

Jackson, Jonathan P.

Jackson, Joseph

Jackson, Joseph

Jackson, Joseph

Jackson, Joseph Archie

Jackson, Joseph Maurice

Jackson, Joseph R.

Jackson, Josie Gilbreath

Jackson, Joyce J. (Jack)

Jackson, Julia Cone

Jackson, J.W.

Jackson, Katie

Jackson, Kitty G.

Jackson, Larry Barnard

Jackson, Laura Eldridge

Jackson, Laura Ella Reid

Jackson, Laura J.

Jackson, Lee Jeff

Jackson, Lena

Jackson, Lena Mae Wilson

Jackson, Lennie Womack

Jackson, Leo E.

Jackson, Leslie A.

Jackson, Lessie

Jackson, Lewis (Mrs.)

Jackson, Lewis (Mrs.)

Jackson, Lillian B.

Jackson, Lloyd Calvin

Jackson, Lonnie N.

Jackson, Lottie

Jackson, Louise G.

jackson, Louis M.

Jackson, Loys Gen