This Arkansas death records index provides the location of death records as published in church publications, cemetery records, mortality censuses, newspaper obituaries, and county and local records in the Arkansas State Archives' holdings.

Records include the name of the deceased, the source in which to find the death record, and the record's date. In the case of obituaries and similar records, the recorded date is the day on which the obituary was published, not necessarily the day the person died, while cemetery records show the date listed on the person's gravestone. To view the records associated with these index entries, please visit to the Arkansas State Archives.

This portion of records includes last names beginning with letters J-L.



Lucas, Doyle Edward

Lucas, Mattie E.

Luckett, Harvey H.

Luckett, William

Luckett, William

Luckett, William

Luckett, William

Luckinbill, Newton

Luck, Sarah E.

Lucky, E.E.

Lucky, Eva Haynes

Lucy, Ellen

Ludlam, E.L.

Ludlam, Lillie M.

Ludlam, Lula Barnett

Ludlam, Nellie Scott

Ludlam, Oda

Ludlam, William W.

Ludlum, John G.

Luedders, Arthur Fred

Lugt, Sandra Marie Vander

Lum, Earnest

Lum, E.C.

Lum, Fannie F.

Lum, Fred

Lum, Howard

Lum, Idona

Lum, James T.

Lum, Lizzie

Lum, Lottie O.

Lumpkin, C. F. (Mrs.)

Lumpkins, Infant

Lumpkin, William E.

Lum, William

Lum, W.P.

Luna, Richard T.

Luna, Richard T.

Lundburg, David Owen

Lund, Helen H.

Lunlum, Donald

Lurty, Calbourn

Lurty, Kate B.

Lusinger, Drue Edison

Lusk, Aline Virginia

Luster, Addie

Luster, Celia

Luster, David W.

Luster, Don Carter

Luster, Elizabeth

Luster, Harold Edward

Luster, Harry D.

Luster, J.K.

Luster, John A.

Luster, Marcus Watson

Luster, Mary Olean

Luster, Ophie

Luster, Philip

Luster, William David

Lutes, Katherine C.

Lutieger, Joseph

Luttrell, Kerry D.

Lyles, David J.

Lynch, Doris

Lynch, Gusta Mae Blue

Lynch, Smithy

Lynch, Smithy

Lynn, Anthon

Lynn, August

Lynn, Clarence

Lynn, Eula M.

Lynn, Freddie L.

Lynn, Granville

Lynn, Laura

Lynn, Missouria

Lynn, Nelson A.

Lynn, Willie F.

Lyon, Loice

Lyons, Barbara Ann

Lyons, Barbara Ruth

Lyons, Diann

Lyons, Loyd (Mrs.)

Lyons, Loyd (Mrs.)

Lyons, May G.

Lyons, Ollie Mae

Lyons, Robert

Lyons, Robert

Lyons, Rodel Everett

Lyons, Sam

Lyons, Samuel

Lyons, Samuel

Lyons, Sophia

Lyons, Thomas

Lytal, G.C.

Lyttaker, John R.