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This collection includes the Civil War reminiscences of Robert G. Shaver, written for Mrs. C.A. Forney-Smith, the first President of the Grand Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy.

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Robert Glenn Shaver was born April 18, 1831, in Sullivan County, Tennessee, to David and Martha(May) Shaver. In 1850, he and his parents moved east of Batesville into what was then Lawrence County,Arkansas. On June 10, 1856, he married Adelaide Louise Ringgold, and they had eight children.Shaver practiced law until 1861 when the Civil War broke out. He received an order to organize aregiment of ten companies, which he did on June 10, 1861, at Smithville, Lawrence County. He waselected colonel, and the regiment came to be known as "Shaver's Regiment." In April 1862, he wasseverely injured in the Battle of Shiloh and transferred to the Trans-Mississippi Department. In September1862, he organized the 38th Arkansas Infantry and was elected colonel. He served until the end of the warand was among the last organized Confederate forces to surrender.After the war, he became involved in the Arkansas Ku Klux Klan and was charged with murder, arson,treason, and robbery. In 1868, he fled to New Orleans, where he boarded the British ship Mexico andsailed to the British Honduras. He returned to Arkansas in 1872, after his good friend Elisha Baxter waselected governor of Arkansas. The charges were dropped, and he was appointed sheriff for the newly-created Howard County.He and his family moved to Mena, Polk County, in 1899, to live with his son. In 1911, he was appointedcommander-in-charge for the annual reunion of Confederate veterans held in Little Rock. The camp wasknown as "Camp Shaver." He died January 13, 1915, in Foreman.

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Robert G. Shaver papers, SMC.006.022


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