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1921 February 13-20


This collection holds one issue of the La Tribuna Illustrata [The Illustrated Tribune] written in Italian. The cover depicts Henry Lowery from Mississippi County, Arkansas, being tied to a wooden pole and burned alive in a lynching conducted by his fellow Arkansans.

Biographical/Historical Note

Henry Lowery was a black tenant farmer from Mississippi County, Arkansas, who was lynched on January 26, 1921, for the murder of a land owner and his daughter. Lowery had a dispute with O.T. Craig, a large land owner in Mississippi County, over a payment that Lowery felt was owed to him. Lowery confronted Craig at his home on December 25, 1920, where Craig’s son, Dick, shot at Lowery. A fire fight occurred in which Craig and his daughter, Mary, were killed. When Lowery was caught by the police, a group of about 500 men took him from police custody. They then chained him to a pole with leaves soaked in gasoline where they burned him alive.

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Document, 8.5" x 11"

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Mississippi County (Ark.)





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"La legge di Linch," La Tribuna Illustrata [ "The Law of Linch," TheIllustrated Tribune], SMC.177.013


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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"La legge di Linch," La Tribuna Illustrata [ "The Law of Linch," The Illustrated Tribune], Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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