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1880 May 24


This collection contains two photocopies of a letter from Albert Pike to Thomas Ashley - contains material relating to the 1880 presidential race.

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Albert Pike (1809 –1891) was a lawyer, author, poet, orator, newspaper reporter and editor, Confederate commander, jurist and prominent member of the Freemasons. Born in Boston, Albert Pike moved to Arkansas in the 1830s, settling first in Fort Smith; then he moved to Little Rock. He worked as a newspaper reporter and editor and became involved in Arkansas politics. Pike served as a Captain in the Mexican War. He served as a senior officer of the Confederate State Army, including commanding the District of Indian Territory in the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the Civil War. After the Civil War, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1867 then moved to Washington, D.C. by 1870. In Washington, DC, he worked for newspapers, practiced law and was very involved with the Freemasons. He practiced law in partnership with Robert W. Johnson, former U.S. senator from Arkansas, until 1880. Pike died on April 2, 1891, in Washington, D.C. at the age of 81. The 1880 presidential race resulted in the election of James A. Garfield as President of the United States. Incumbent President Rutherford B. Hayes did not seek re-election in 1880. The major candidates in the election were James A. Garfield of Ohio (Republican), Winfield Scott Hancock of Pennsylvania (Democrat) and James B. Weaver of Iowa (Greenback Party). The voter turnout rate was one of the highest for presidential elections in the nation's history and the popular vote totals were very close.

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Albert Pike letter, SMC.071.006


Arkansas State Archives

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Albert Pike letter, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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