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1864 January 21


Election results from a poll book for the First Arkansas Battalion of Cavalry, State Troops, at Camp Trader. Allen Pettus received the most votes for lieutenant colonel.


Poll Book of an Election in the 1st Arkansas
Battalion of Cavalry State Troops for Lieut. Col.
Held at Camp Trader January 21st 1864
Name of Voter
1 R.C. Gilliam 2d Lieut Co. C.
2 D H Ross 3d " " B.
3 C.K. Coleman 1st " Co. C.
4 W.M. Wallace 3d Lieut Co. C.
5 W.C. Adams 1st " " B.
6 J.H. Kep 1st " Co. E.
7 R.M. Newton 2d " E.
8 J.W. Dyer Capt Co. E.
9 J.C. Vantria 3d Lieut Co. E.
10 S.H. Smalley 1st Lieut Co. D.
11 E.K. Williamson Capt Co. A.
12 Samuel Ogden 1st Lieut Co A.
13 John S. Turner 3d Lieut Co. A
14 W.J. Meeks 3 Lieut Co. D
15 G. A. Hale Capt Co. D.
16 R.A. Reid 2nd Lieut Co D.
17 Reuben C. Reed Capt " (B)
18 Jo. H. Thomas 2d Lieut Co B
We the judges and Clerks do hereby certify that
after being duly sworn to receive and count the votes
in the above Election which was opened at 12 o'clock M
of the 21 January 1864 and closed at 2 o'clock P.M.
of the date as above. Said Poles are as follows
Allen F. Pettus received Ten Votes for Lieut Col of the 1st
Arks Battalion of Cavalry and W.F. Sale received Eight
votes for Lieut Col of 1st Battalion Arks State Cavalry
Jo. H. Thomas} E.K. Williamson
John S. Turner} Reuben C. Reed
W.J. Meeks

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Election results, 1st Arkansas Battalion, Kie Oldham collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Election results, 1st Arkansas Battalion