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1861 January 13


Letter on local politics, prices of cattle, and secession from Elliot H. Fletcher Jr. to Elliot H. Fletcher, Sr.


[Page 1] Osceola 13th Jan. 1861
My Dear Father,
I was not up this morning
when you woke up, which I regret, as I
wanted to see you and Ma. Also I wished
to ask Capt Wolf or the pilots whether they had
passed the "Autocrat", and to request them if
they met her today to hail her and send her
by here for the cattle. Just to "make assurance
doubly sure".
There seems to be a mystery about this
position of the preacher statesman, Parson
Blythe. Mr. Norman told me yesterday that
he (Blythe) had told him on Friday that he
was still a candidate, or rather, that he
"would run if the people wished him to do so."
I.H. Williams, I'm told, still holds out,
though I have heard him say nothing on the
subject. He seems rather cheery about talk-
ing politics, for I talked all around him
yesterday, purposely to draw him out, but
but did not succeed. Haywood handed me the
papers that you sent me this morning.
My cattle are doing very well. Mr Murray
got up from N.O. Friday night. Weston beef
from 6¢ to 11¢. I don't hope for more than
[missing]cents, which is better than keeping them
to be sacrificed by the overflow, and stomach
[missing] whose owners never send the necessary
[missing] know more" I can't say that the secession
[missing]much is gaining here, for have had no affor-
[missing] of ascertaining, but this is certain,
[missing] ssionists here are as firm as a rock
[Page 2] The Baltic has just gone down. she was
advertised to leave Louisville on Wednesday, and
the Autocrat on Thursday, so I may look for
the A. on tomorrow morning some time.
If she disappoints me, I'll buy some more
corn and leave my cattle under the care of
Mr. Steven and go to Cairo for a boat, for
I'm determined never to turn back.
I think Mr. Graham has done very well I considering the quality of the cotton.
i.e. I mean the trashiness of the cotton.
You need not be weary about me if my
absence is protracted as it may require several
days to close out all my cattle.
Love to all,
Very affectionately,
Elliot H. Fletcher Jr.

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Letter, 2 pages, 12.25" x 7.75"


Correspondence; War; Secession; Politicians; Civil War


Elliot H. Fletcher Jr.

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Osceola, Mississippi County (Ark.)




MS.000063, Item 194

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Elliot H. Fletcher family papers, MS.000063


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, Elliot H. Fletcher, Jr. to Elliot H. Fletcher Sr., Elliot H. Fletcher family papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, Elliot H. Fletcher, Jr. to Elliot H. Fletcher Sr.