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1861 January 23


Letter from George M. Turner in Camden to "Gaines." Turner states his desire to be a delegate for his county in the Secession Convention and advocates for secession. He also reports that 200 men from El Dorado are planning to march on Little Rock the next Thursday, to capture whatever government weapons they could find. He expects them to be 900 hundred strong by the time they reach the capitol, and writes that they are led by members of the finest local families.


[Page 1] Camden, Jany 23 1861
Dear Gaines
I am a candidate in this
Party for the delegacy in the State Convention
and I am satisfied that my chances are as
good if not better than those of any other man
in the County.
I want you to be me a lift and
I assure you that I will reciprocate the favor
My friends are warm in their advocacy of my
claims. I am, as you know, the first [illegible]
in the State who came out for seperate
State action, I battled here when there was
none to help me, and [illegible] landing the
[illegible] for the Union and submission have been
loud. I have kept "my end up," I am very
anxious to get in that Convention. You know
it would give me a chance to introduce my
paper throughout the State, and I believe
my worst enemy will acknowledge that I
would do my whole duty.
Hoping that you will give me an occasional
lift, with the assurance that it shall be duly
reimbursed and reciprocated by me. I
am very truly your friend in war and
in peace, Geo. M. Turner
(over) [Page 2] Private
I recd a letter this day
from El Dorado notifiying me of
the fact that a company of 200 will
leave that city next Thursday, for Little
Rock with the determination to take
possession of such Government arms as
may there be found. The [sic] expect to
gather strength on the way and will
I doubt now numer some 8 or 9 hundred
by the time they reach the Rock. They are
determined to strike and the leaders
of the movement are men of the highest
respectability; They do not want any
thing said about it, only among reliable
Secessionists. They are going with
the determination of carrying out
their plans.
Fighting as they are for
their dearest rights, I can only say
may God shield them,
Your friend

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Letter, 2 pages, 8" x 12.25"


Civil War; Secession


George M. Turner

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Camden, Ouachita County (Ark.)




MS.000132, Series II. 1861, A. Correspondence, Item 78


Kie Oldham collection, MS.000132


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, George M. Turner to "Gaines", Kie Oldham collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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