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1864 February 08


Letter from James Abraham in Rondo to Governor Harris Flanagin in Washington, Arkansas. Abraham discusses a band of Jayhawkers who are in Sevier County. He believes it would take a force of at least 100 men to arrest all of them.


[Page 1] Rondo Arkansas
8th February/64
His Excallancy[sic] Gov Flanagan[sic]
Dear Sir
Yours of the 2n inst has
been received, we are prety[sic] well satisfide[sic]
that those raskels[sic] are still in the neighborhood
and they are geting[sic] quite tame. they have
been making some threats as to what they
intend to do when they get strong enough[.] I think
they are gaining strength. they seeme[sic] to have a
place of Rendesvuese[sic] in Severe[sic] County and when
interferred with there they cross over in to this
county and from here in [illegible] County Texas
I think with a suffisiant[sic] force to guard parts
and make [illegible], they could all be arrested, but
it would require a prety[sic] good force say one hundred
men. and the parts to be guarded can be [illegible]
out. By persons acquainted with the county I think
it advisable, that when here is an effort made
that we should make a sure thing of it[.] to [illegible]
these men off would do no good, they should if
posable[sic] be saved, whilst they may be come at(?)
the impression is here that the conscript law has been
extended up to fifty five[.] have you seen[sic] the
bill[?] if so please in form[sic] me, of its futures[sic]
and whither[sic] those called out under it will be
[Page 2] permited[sic] to forme[sic] [illegible] [illegible] and organise[sic]
for themselve[sic], or whither[sic] they will be taken to
follow other commands
I have just now herd[sic] that Capt. Lucy(?) is
expected here tomorrow with his squad. I have
no confidense[sic] in his [illegible] [illegible], he is not the
man for the [illegible]
Resptfly yours
Jas Abraham
His Excalng[sic] H. Flanagin
Washington Ark
PS all well[.] the children went down
to Grandma's on Fryday[sic] evening
but returned today in time for
[illegible] this evening

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Letter, 2 pages, 9.75" x 9.25"


Civil War; War; Military; Governors


James Abraham

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Washington, Hempstead County (Ark.); Rondo, Lee County (Ark.)




MS.000132, Item 889f


Kie Oldham collection, MS.000132


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, James Abraham to Governor Harris Flanagin, Kie Oldham collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Letter, James Abraham to Governor Harris Flanagin