This Arkansas death records index provides the location of death records as published in church publications, cemetery records, mortality censuses, newspaper obituaries, and county and local records in the Arkansas State Archives' holdings.

Records include the name of the deceased, the source in which to find the death record, and the record's date. In the case of obituaries and similar records, the recorded date is the day on which the obituary was published, not necessarily the day the person died, while cemetery records show the date listed on the person's gravestone. To view the records associated with these index entries, please visit to the Arkansas State Archives.

This portion of records includes last names beginning with letters P-R.



Pahal, Etheridge

Pahal, J.E.

Pahal, Lola Holland

Pahal, William Herman

Pahl, C.P.

Paine, Fred C.

Paine, Fred O.

Paine, W.L.

Pains, Alverne W.

Painton, Norma J.

Paladino, Anthony Joseph

Paladino, Robert Anthony

Paladino, Victor Robert

Palfa, Robert

Palh, Bulah E.

Palliossy, John

Palmer, Alonzo T.

Palmer, Anna

Palmer, Annie L.

Palmer, C.S.

Palmer, C.T.

Palmer, Elvie

Palmer, George C.

Palmer, H.W.

Palmer, Jack C.

Palmer, J.B.

Palmer, Jimmy D.

Palmer, King

Palmer, L.B.

Palmer, Leroy

Palmer, Maggie

Palmer, Sarah

Palmer, Thomas G.

Palsa, Robert J.

Pambianchi, Anna

Pamplin, Amanda C.

Pamplin, Charlie E.

Pamplin, Charlie F.

Pamplin, Cleve

Pamplin, Gaines W.

Pamplin, Grace

Pamplin, Harold C.

Pamplin, Infant

Pamplin, Infant

Pamplin, Infant

Pamplin, James

Pamplin, James H.

Pamplin, Jane

Pamplin, John

Pamplin, John W.

Pamplin, Kitty G.

Pamplin, Linda

Pamplin, Mary F.

Pamplin, Minnie Lee

Pamplin, Noel

Pamplin, Oce F.

Pamplin, Pamela Kaye

Pamplin, Roy David

Pamplin, Vauda G.

Pamplin, William D.

Pamplin, Wilson O.

Panady, James

Pane, W.C.

Pankey, William A., Jr.

Pannell, Evelyn Hazel

Panquin, Dock P.

Panquin, Julia Ellen

Papadopulas, Speros

Paquette, E.M.

Paradise, H.D.

Paradis, Gladys I.

Parchman, Mary J.

Parchman, Peter L.

Pardew, Lillian

Pardon, Eligee

Pardy, Jean

Pareira, Isaac

Parham, Johnnie Etta

Parham, Mary Angline

Parham, Thomas Leo

Paris, Charlie D.

Parish, Emma Cooper

Parish, Grandma

Parish, Grandpa

Parish, J.W.

Parish, Mary

Parish, W.N.

Paris, Maggie W.

Parison, Johann

Parke, Frank Sylvester

Parker, Allen

Parke, Randy

Parker, Benjamin

Parker, Billy Jack

Parker, Callie

Parker, Callie D.

Parker, Carder

Parker, Carol

Parker, Charles

Parker, Charlie Clayton