This Arkansas death records index provides the location of death records as published in church publications, cemetery records, mortality censuses, newspaper obituaries, and county and local records in the Arkansas State Archives' holdings.

Records include the name of the deceased, the source in which to find the death record, and the record's date. In the case of obituaries and similar records, the recorded date is the day on which the obituary was published, not necessarily the day the person died, while cemetery records show the date listed on the person's gravestone. To view the records associated with these index entries, please visit to the Arkansas State Archives.

This portion of records includes last names beginning with letters E-G.


Submissions from 2006

Green, Dorothy Jean

Greene, Harold Curtis

Green, Fannie Robbie

Green, Geraldine Johnson

Green, Geraldine Johnson

Green, J. M.

Green, Joseph

Green, Lillie

Green, Saul

Green, Sylvester

Greenwood, Sue

Greer, David

Greer, Evelyn

Greer, John Turner

Gregory, Andrew Jackson

Gregory, B. A.

Gregory, Ruby Fletcher

Gregory, Stan

Gregson, Gail

Griebel, Michael Eugene

Grieshaber, Charles James

Griffin, Alice Catherine Jane

Griffin, Bobby Joe

Griffin, Cathryn

Griffin, Elnora

Griffing, Emily Elizabeth Grove

Griffin, George W.

Griffin, Mary Margaret

Griffin, McKinley

Griffis, Kendrik

Griffis, Kendrik

Griffith, Anthony Scot

Griffith, Billy

Griffith, Wendy Carolyn Fox

Griggs, Donald

Griggs, Donald Lynn

Grimes, Frances

Grimmett, Betty Ann Downing

Grimmett, Lee

Grimmett, Lee

Grimsley, Ruth Neal

Grimstead, Enola

Grissum, LeRoy

Griswold, Ray M.

Grogan, Edward Earl

Grogan, Mary Ruth

Gross, Abb

Grummer, Anthony P.

Grygotis, Peter C.

Guffin, Mark

Guffin, Mark

Guffin, Mark Howell

Guillaume, John Herman

Gulutzo, Concetta

Gunnels, Mary Gilmore

Gustus, Ty Rodney

Guthrie, Frances Milicich

Guthrie, Jared Robert

Guy, Carolyn Ruth

Submissions from 1991

Ferrell, Grace Rozonna Wright

Fleming, Hubert L.

Floyd, Charlie Mae

Forest, Helen C.

Graves, Homer B.

Submissions from 1990

East, Milo

Eddlemon, Charles

Edds, Willie J.

Edge, Richard D.

Edwards, Ada

Elkins, Idell C

Eoff, Mary

Ervin, Elvid

Eskew, Eva G.

Estep, Delta L.

Evans, Dwayne

Evans, Laverne

Evans, W. Hughel

Ewing, Leonard

Ezell, Gale

Fallon, Paul J.

Faulkner, Dorothy M.

Floyd, John

Fry, Enos

Fulton, Minie Lorene

Gardner, Maude M.

Garvin, Robert V.

Gillean, Loyce A.

Gilmore, Herbert,

Glover, William H.

Golden, Delia

Goldston, Thelma J.

Goodner, Fannie

Gordon, Lavada S.

Goss, Cloriene

Graves, Eva J.

Graves, Kenneth P.

Greer, Harry

Grisby, Grady S.

Grisham, Fred

Gullet, Pearl