The twenty-first annual United Confederate Veterans (UCV) reunion was held in Little Rock, May 16-18, 1911, fifty years after the beginning of the Civil War. The reunion brought more than 140,000 people to the city, including approximately 15,000 veterans, making it one of the largest events in Little Rock history. A huge parade was the reunion's centerpiece event.

Most of the veterans who attended filled out registration forms, which included personal and service-related information. Along with Confederate veterans who completed forms, numerous others provided their information as well, including some Union veterans, women, and possibly even members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), since that organization was holding a convention in Little Rock at the same time as the UCV. Approximately 10,000 of these forms are now housed at the Arkansas State Archives.

The entries in this collection contain the information from the registration forms.


Submissions from 1911

Boothe, T. J.

Booths, J. W.

Booth, W. P.

Booton, R. S.

Boozman, J. M.

Borne, H. B.

Bose (or Rose), D. H.

Boss (Bost), G. D.

Bost, F. W.

Bostic, G. B.

Bostick, B. R.

Bost, J. A.

Bosworth, J. L.

Botts, G. E.

Bouchelle, R. J.

Boucher, J. C.

Boucher, R. W.

Boudreau, V. T.

Boulding, John

Bouldware, C. G.

Boulware, G. R.

Bounds, J. C.

Bounds, Joseph

Bounds, W. F.

Bounds, W. R.

Bourne, Edw.

Bourne, W. H.

Boussard, K.

Boutz, J. G.

Bowen, B. N.

Bowen, J.

Bowen, J. J.

Bowen, J. W.

Bowen, M. B.

Bowen, Rees(e)

Bowen, S. P.

Bowen, T. J.

Bowen, W. D.

Bowen, W. D.

Bowen, W. P.

Bowers, A.

Bowers, F. M.

Bowie, C. L.

Bowie, J. W.

Bowie, R. T.

Bowles, A. C.

Bowles, G. R.

Bowles, Jno.

Bowles, J. S.

Bowles, N. A.

Bowling, W. J.

Bowman, A. J.

Bowman, S. J.

Box, A. M.

Box, H. A.

Box, Sam

Boyd, B. M.

Boyd, I. H.

Boyd, J. A.

Boyd, J. C.

Boyd, J. C.

Boyd, J. C.

Boyd, R. N.

Boydston, J. D.

Boyd, T.

Boyes (or Boyce), J. A.

Boyette, J. M.

Boyett, E. W.

Boyett, N. H.

Boykin, F. M.

Boykin, H. P.

Boyles, J. P.

Boylston, W. A.

Boyston (or Boydston), R. N.

Bozeman, T. B.

Brabson, T. M.

Braceale, W. B.

Bracell, R. S.

Bracken, Adam

Brackett, Adam

Brackett, Daniel

Brack, H. F.

Braden, A. C.

Braden, E.

Braden, H. J.

Braden, W. F.

Bradey, J. W.

Bradford, E. T.

Bradford, Jas. L.

Bradford, J. D.

Bradford, J. J.

Bradford, P. L.

Bradford, T. M.

Bradford, W. H.

Bradham, D. J.

Bradley, C.

Bradley, Jackson

Bradley, J. J.

Bradley, Jno.

Bradley, R.