These records cover last names beginning with U-Z of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Uchtman, Everett H.

Uekman, Casper H.

Uellner, Will

Uhles, Barrett R.

Uhrich, Leonard R.

Uland, Ellis L.

Uland, Joseph

Ulmer, Charles E.

Ulmer, John

Ulmer, Leroy

Umfleet, Otis P.

Umholtz, Harry T.

Umphres, Robert O.

Underank, Mike

Underdown, Bert C.

Underdown, Claude

Underhill, Albert R.

Underhill, John S.

Underhill, Thomas

Underhill, Thomas J.

Underwood, Aubry

Underwood, Charles A.

Underwood, Charles C.

Underwood, Charley

Underwood, Charley O.

Underwood, Edward

Underwood, Ellis J.

Underwood, Elvie M.

Underwood, France

Underwood, George B.

Underwood, George E.

Underwood, George N.

Underwood, Lester

Underwood, Lonous

Underwood, Luther C.

Underwood, Marion M.

Underwood, Rell

Underwood, Robert

Underwood, Robert E.

Underwood, Robert N.

Underwood, Virgil

Ungar, Jake K.

Ungar, Jake K.

Ungerank, Anton

Unich, Ernest

Unsel, William

Upchurch, Eugene R.

Upchurch, Hershel M.

Upchurch, James V.

Upchurch, Melville D.

Upchurch, Thomas J.

Upchurch, Walter

Upshaw, Charlie

Upshaw, Emory

Upshaw, Joshua

Upshaw, Morse K., Jr.

Upshaw, William M.C.

Upson, Benjamin H.

Upson, Charles W.

Upson, Richard

Upton, Cressie D.

Upton, Ezra A.

Upton, Howard B.

Upton, Irvin W.

Upton, Will

Urie, Jack

Urquhart, James

Urrey, Joseph A.

Ursery, Robert

Ursey, William O.

Usher, Murray F.

Usrey, Max O.

Usrey, Seth T.

Ussery, Delbs

Ussery, John A.

Ussery, Joseph H.

Ussery, Luther

Ussery, Norten R.

Ussery, Vetol

Utley, Euel L.

Utley, Maurice B.

Utley, Paul E.

Utley, Reece

Utley, Uriel G.

Utley, Uriel G.

Utsey, Marshall

Utter, Charley L.

Uzzelle, Jack

Uzzell, Semmes

Vaccaro, Gazzola

Vacquerie, Harry A.

Vadden, Mog

Vaden, James H.

Vaden, John W.

Vaden, Kenneth C.

Vaden, Thomas L.

Vafenes, Pete

Vail, Clyde E.

Vail, Robert L.

Vail, Roy