These records cover last names beginning with C-D of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Cabaness, Harl R.

Cabaness, Roy Chester

Cabaniss, Thomas N.

Cabbitt, Willie

Cabe, Floyd C.

Cabell, De Rosey C. Jr.

Cabell, Joseph B.

Cable, Howard H.

Cableton, James

Caddell, Dunbar

Caddell, Joseph H.

Caddett, Jewett C.

Caddy, Horace

Cade, Charles D.

Cade, Clarence

Cade, Lomie

Cade, Theodore R.

Cady, Howard B.

Cady, Sam Reeder

Caery, Samuel

Caesar, Alfonzer

Caesar, Frank

Caesar, Martin D.

Caesar, Wesley W.

Cage, Eddie

Cage, Ernest

Cage, Joe

Cagle, Alonzo Franklin

Cagle, Chester A.

Cagle, Claudia

Cagle, Dennis

Cagle, Evert D.

Cagle, Harman L.

Cagle, Harvey M.

Cagle, Henry N.

Cagle, James

Cagle, James P.

Cagle, Thomas Lemuel Jr.

Cagle, Virgle M.

Cagle, Walter Joseph

Cagle, Webster

Cagle, William

Cagle, William O.

Cahape, Henry T.

Cahill, Mark J.

Cahoon, Ruel W.

Cain, Albert B.

Cain, Archie P.

Cain, Caleb C.

Cain, Cicero L.

Cain, Clarence

Cain, Claud L.

Cain, David W.

Cain, Elza L.

Caine, Obid

Cain, Garland

Cain, Henry

Cain, James L.

Cain, Leonard

Cain, Leonard Jackison

Cain, Samuel

Cain, Timothy

Cain, Virgil A.

Cain, Walter

Cain, Will

Cain, William B.

Cain, Willie I.

Cain, Willis A. Jr.

Calaway, Bruce

Calaway, Norman E.

Calaway, Olyn Lantie

Calaway, Travers R.

Calbert, John

Calbert, Willie

Calcote, Royal J.

Caldarera, David L.

Cal, Dave

Caldwell, Amzy J.

Caldwell, Andy

Caldwell, Annias

Caldwell, Aquilla

Caldwell, Arling E.

Caldwell, Arthur

Caldwell, Ben

Caldwell, Buford J.

Caldwell, Charles B.

Caldwell, Clifford

Caldwell, Daniel

Caldwell, David E.

Caldwell, David J.

Caldwell, Dewitt

Caldwell, Edward Franklin

Caldwell, Elmer R.

Caldwell, Ernest E.

Caldwell, Ernest J.

Caldwell, Fred T.

Caldwell, Garlington

Caldwell, George

Caldwell, George D.

Caldwell, George L.