These records cover last names beginning with A-B of World War I discharge records for the men and women from Arkansas who served in World War I. Each card contains the veteran's age, place of birth, place of residence, and information about military service. If a soldier died during the war, the card contains information on his date of death and place of burial.



Aaron, Alex H.

Aaron, James E.

Aaron, James F.

Aaron, James N.

Aaron, John T.

Aaron, Walter

Aaron, Will

Abbott, Albert F.

Abbott, Booker

Abbott, Columbus G.

Abbott, Ed

Abbott, Edward W.

Abbott, Eli L.

Abbott, Henry F.

Abbott, Homer

Abbott, Joseph L.

Abbott, Landon S.

Abbott, Lonzo R.

Abbott, Luther E.

Abbott, Ollie J.

Abbott, Ray A.

Abbott, Thomas J.

Abbott, Thomas O.

Abel, Coleman H.

Abel, Edward W.

Abel, Emzy M.

Abeles, Charles Tobias Jr.

Abel, James R.

Abell, Fred N.

Abels, John William

Abel, Williams

Abercombie, John G.

Abernathy, Dewey A.

Abernathy, Ernest E.

Abernathy, Horace

Abernathy, James W.

Abernathy, John

Abernathy, Ray

Abernathy, Ross D.

Abernathy, Sammie L.

Abernathy, Sterling

Abernathy, William

Abernathy, William A.

Abington, Ralph

Abington, Ralph

Abington, William H.

Ables, Edgar W.

Ables, William Frank

Abnathy, William

Abner, Fred

Abner, Henry

Abner, Roy Evertt

Abner, Walter

Abney, Claud William

Abney, Harvey O.

Abney, Walter B.

Abraham, James Ballew

Abraham, John

Abraham, Lloyd

Abraham, Thomas G.

Abram, Elijah

Abram, Henry

Abrams, Charles W.

Abrans, Ferman M.

Abrom, Sanderfus

Abrom, Smead

Abrom, Ulyses

Abshier, Lacy O.

Abshier, Thomas Earle

Abshier, Uriah McCormic

Abston, Albert

Abston, Winfred C.

Achterburg, John A.

Achterburg, Reignald

Ackley, Eber G.

Ackley, John H.

Acklin, Lucius Jewel

Acklin, Mitchel

Acklin, Otis

Acklin, Robert

Acklin, William

Aclin, John F.

Acord, Herbert J.

Acord, Luther F.

Acord, Nealy John

Acord, Sidney B.

Acree, Elmer F.

Acree, Henry F.

Acree, Henry F.

Acree, Luther

Acree, Steve D.

Acruman, Robert

Acruman, Robert

Acruman, William B.

Acton, Geeter G.

Acuff, James S.

Acuff, Samuel W.

Adair, Albert J.

Adair, Andrew J.

Adair, Arthur