Joseph Shrader, born in Orel, Russia, in 1870, became a photographer in 1885. He immigrated to the United States in 1892. In 1910, he moved to Little Rock and opened the Shrader Studio at ½ Main Street. Shrader was joined in the business by Bertha Frank Shrader, who he married in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1900. When son Buddy joined the family, the Shraders began equipping him early in his life to join the family business. After a fire in December 1933, Shrader reopened shop at 305 Main Street with 8 to 10 staff.

In addition to photographing Arkansans of all walks of life, Shrader was for many years the official photographer for the Arkansas Senate, Arkansas House of Representatives, the Law School, the Medical School, the Junior College, and Little Rock schools including the high school, Catholic High, and Mount St. Mary's Academy.

The Shrader Studio negatives collection images spans the years 1932-1979. While the earlier portion of the collection consists of entirely black and white negatives, the later years include color negatives.

Due to an unverified inventory, some images prior to 1936 may not exist in ASA collections. Images after 1936 can consistently be located.

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Submissions from 2020

Beaty, Raymond R.

Gray, Bernard

McDonald, Paul

Sarna, Clem

Swift & Co. crowd at Krogers

Swin, Sgt. Bruce

Uncle Mac Revival

Submissions from 1961

Acord, Annette

Adams, Eddie

Albridge, Linda

Allbright, Jim

Allen, Bob

Alread, Dr. B. C.

Anderson, Sheldon

Appleton, Bill

Arends, Marty

Armstrong, Dave

Armstrong, Lyman

Armstrong, Walter

Arnold, Ben

Asbell, David

Aslin, Pam

Babcock, Ken

Bailey, Henrietta

Baker, Bobby

Baker, Denny

Baker, Faris

Baldwin, Jerry

Baltimore, Cloyd

Barger, Lyman

Barger, Sue

Barling, Bill

Barlow, Mrs.

Barnett, Ann

Barnett, Charles R.

Barrier, Chris

Barron, Claude

Barron, Wiley

Baugh, Jimmy

Baxter, Becky

Bell, A. T.

Bell, Ray

Biggenstiff, Mike

Bigham, Jamie

Blackshear, Jack

Blackwell, Alan

Blagg, Ted

Blair, Ted M.

Blond, Donna

Boggs, Jan

Bond, Diane

Bond, Judy

Bone, John

Bone, Larry

Bone, Roger

Bookout, Simon

Boone, Steve

Borden, Larry

Bost, Jim

Bozarth, Bill

Brambe, Bob

Bransford, Mary

Bridges, Jim

Brockhagen, Margo

Bronte, Gloria

Brooks, George

Brule, Bill

Bruner, Sharon

Bryant, Jim

Bryles, Betty

Buell, Don

Buford, Billy Jo

Burford, Gloria

Burroughs, Beverly

Burton, George

Buthman, W. C. Dean

Buttran, Sarah

Cabe, Robert

Calahan, Bill

Calaway, Bill

Caldwell, Joe

Calhoun, John

Campbell, Hugh

Capps, Billy Rae

Card, Bob

Carl Lee, Judy

Carmichael, Miss Florence

Carpenter, Carol

Carroll, Doug

Carroll, Kay

Carroll, Tony

Cary, Louise

Case, Jerry

Caskie, C. D.

Chamblis, Carolyn

Chandler, Larry

Chapman, Nelson

Chappell, Chuck

Charles, Emily

Charles, Emily