This page contains index entries from the Shrader Studio negatives collection dating from 1959-1962.



Abbott, Harry

Abbott, Herbert

Abeles, Teddy

Abernathy, Charlotte

Abernathy, Charlotte


Abraham, Mrs. James B.

Abrams, Mrs. Charles

Abshire, James

Abshure, Mrs.

Abston, Anita

Acchione, Julius C.

Ackerbloom, Mrs.

Aclin, Dion

Acme Brick Co

Acord, Annette

Acord, Annette

Adams, Diana

Adams, Diane

Adams, Eddie

Adams, Floyd

Adams, Floyd B.

Adams, Glen

Adams, James

Adams, James

Adams, James M. Jr.

Adams, Joyce

Adams, Joyce

Adams, Lou

Adams, Lynn

Adams, M.

Adams, Mr. and Mrs.

Adams, Mrs. Robert E.

Adams, Myles

Adamson, Jim

Adamson, Mary Louise

Adams, Robert

Adams, Robert Jr.

Adams, Susan

Adams, Thomas

Adams, Tom

Adams, Tommy

Adams, Tommy

Adams, Vicki Lynn

Adams, Ward

Adams, Wayne

Adams, Wilma

Aday, Donna

Aday, Hubert

Aday, Jehree

Adcock, E. R.

Adkins, Marcia

Adkins, Maurice

Adkins, Mrs.

Adkisson, Dick

Adrian, James

Agee, Frank

Agnes, Jerry

Agnew, Gerald

Agnew, Jerry

Ahart, Mrs. O. N.

Aherns, Mrs. Charlotte

Ahrens, John

Ahrens, John

Ahrens, Jon

Ahrens, Jon

Ahrens, Mrs.

Ahrens, Mrs. C.

Ahrens, Susan

Aist, Arthur

Akin, Chip

Akin, James

Akins, Sue

Albridge, Linda

Albright, Clint

Albright, Russell

Aldridge, H. C.

Aldridge, Linda

Aldridge, Mrs. Herman

Aldstadt, Mrs. W. R.

Alexander, Carmon

Alexander, E. E.

Alexander, Judy

Alexander, Mrs. Ann

Alexander, Mrs. Max

Alexander, Mrs. Roy

Alexander, Mrs. W. R.

Alexander, R. H.

Alexander, Sonya

Alexander, Suzanne

Alford, Missy

Alford, Missy

Allahneson, Asad

Allan, Bob

Allbright, Jim


Allen, Art

Allen, Art

Allen, Ben

Allen, Ben