This page contains index entries from the Shrader Studio negatives collection dating from 1944-1945.



Abate, Pvt. & Mrs. P. C.

Abbott, John R.

Abeles, Mrs. Theo

Abe, PFC O. S.

Abercrombie, James

Abercrombie, PFC H. D.

Abercrumbie, James

Abernathy, Earl G.

Abernathy, J. I.

Abington, E. H.

Abington, T. E.

Ables, Frank

Ables, Mrs. Frank

Ables, Mrs. Frank

Ables, Mrs. Frank

Ables, Mrs. Frank

Abodie, Peter J.

Abraham, Lucian

Abraham, PFC E. R.

Abraham, Walter

Abram, John

Abrams, C. W.

Abrams, Norman

Abrams, Norman

Abshire, William

Achenbach, Lyle

Achord, Samuel H.

Acker, Barbara

Acker, Charles

Ackerman, Lonnie L.

Acker, Mrs. Charles

Acosta, L. R.

Acosta, L. R.

Acuff, Mrs. W. B.

Acuna, Conrad

Adair, Caroline

Adair, Mr. & Mrs. Fred

Adamczyk, John

Adamowicz, Frances

Adams, A. D.

Adams, A. S.

Adams, Bette

Adams, C. L.

Adams, Cpl. Barney

Adams, Dallas

Adams, E. G.

Adams, Elwood

Adams, Esther

Adams, Florence

Adams, Herbert

Adams, H. R.

Adams, James W.

Adams, J. E.

Adams, Jimmie

Adams, L. S.

Adams, Mary Frances

Adams, Mrs. George D.

Adams, Mrs. J. O.

Adamson, Jane

Adamson, Mrs. David

Adamson, Mrs. Tiller

Adamson, Mrs. Tiller

Adamson, Tiller

Adamson, Tiller

Adams, Pvt. L.

Adams, Ralph

Aday, Mrs. H. L.

Aday, Mrs. H. L.

Addison, Edward

Adkins, Betty

Adkins, J. E.

Adkins, Pvt. John W.

Adler, Ernest

Adler, Mrs. M.

Adler, PFC Bertram

Aetna Life Ins. Co. casualty

Affalter, Mrs. J. A.

Affolter, J. A.

Affolter, Pvt. Jack

Agee, Miladeen

Agee, Sgt. John W.

Agema, Jacob

Agosta, Sam

Aho, Cpl. Alvar

Aho, T/S Alvar A.

Ahrens, Peggy

Aihara, Cpl. Luis

Aiona, Abraham

Akana, Gervin

Akens, Mrs. Maudie

Akers, Barbara

Akers, Bill

Albach, Pvt. Robert

Alban, Mr. and Mrs. L. A.

Alber, Lt. Col. Phillip

Albers, Harold

Albright, Jacqueline

Albright, Mrs. Ruby

Albright, Sgt. Henry J.

Alcorn, James R.