This page contains index entries from the Shrader Studio negatives collection dating from 1938-1941.



35th Div. Engineers, officers group.

Abbington, Tom

Abbott, James

Abeles, Mrs. Charles T.

Abel, John

Abend, Allen

Abercrombie, J. S.

Abernathy, Cpl. L.

Abernathy, Harry

Abernathy, John

Abernathy, John

Abernathy, K. H.

Abrams, Charles

Abrams, Charles

Abrams, Lt. H. J.

Abrams, Nash

Abramson, Annette

Abramson, Annette

Abramson, Mr., car wrecked

Abramson, Mrs. Eleanor Frank

Ackerman, Mary Olive

Acker, Mrs. Charles

Ackley, Jack L.

Acklin, Eugene

Acme Laundry & Cleaners trucks

Acme Laundry & Cleaners trucks

Acree, Mrs. J. J.

Acton, Patty Lou

Adair, Louise

Adair, Milburn

Adair, Mrs. T. L.

Adams, Anna Sue

Adams, B. F.

Adams, Capt. Dean R.

Adams, C. H.

Adams, Charles

Adams, Claudia

Adams, Cpl. Robert

Adams, D. A.

Adams, Dr. R. D.

Adams, Ida

Adams, Joseph

Adams, Judge D. D.

Adams, Lt. L. B.

Adams, Mrs. D. D.

Adams, Mrs. Jack

Adams, Mrs. Paul

Adams, Mrs. W. H.

Adamson, Cora

Adamson, Mrs. Tiller

Adams, Richard

Adams, Richard D.

Adams, Sgt. R. B.

Adams, William H.

Aday, Mrs. J. Leo

Aday, Mrs. O. A.

Addington, Lt. Lester

Adelstein, Joe

Adelstein, Joe

Adkins Cafeteria Parkay oleo margarine

Adkins, Charles S.

Adkins, Governor

Adkins, Homer E.

Adkins, Honer

African American boxers

African American group of men made on Sunday

Agee, Charlotte

Agee, Charlotte

Agers, H. E.

Ahern, Dr. Edward G.

Ahrens, Ann

Ahring, Earl

Aiken, Sarah

Ainsworth, C. M.

Ainsworth, Cpl. Ralph

Airheart, Elizabeth

Airheart, Elizabeth

Air Port building

Akers, George

Akers, Guy

Akins, Jack Odie

Albright, Alvis

Albright, J. O.

Albright, Mrs. Henry

Alderson, J. T.

Aldrich, Edward

Aldridge, Helen

Aleno, Carlo


Alexander, Dwight

Alexander, Dwight

Alexander, Dwight

Alexander, Frances

Alexander, G. L.

Alexander, Lt. R. J.

Alexander, Mrs. E. B.

Alexander, Nancy

Alford, Boyce

Alford, Dr. Dale

Alford, Janet