This page contains index entries from the Shrader Studio negatives collection dating from 1932-1937.



153rd Infantry band

555 Tire & Service Co. automobile show

555 Tire & Service Co. exterior

Abbington, W. W.

Abbott, Helen

Abeles, Theo D.

Abernathy, J. G.

Abernathy, John

Abernathy, Ruth

Abington, Dr. W. H.

Abington, Dr. W. H.

Abington, Mrs. T. E.

Abington, W. W. "Billy"

Abramson, Annette

Abramson, Milton

Abramson, Mrs. Rue

Acken, Mrs. L.

Ackerbloom, Ed

Ackers, Mrs. Charles

Acruman, Mrs. W. B.

Acuff, Louise

Adair, C. R.

Adair, Mearle

Adair, Mrs. Pearl

Adams, Arnold

Adams, Arnold

Adams, Arthur L.

Adams, Ben Q.

Adams, B. F.

Adams, George

Adams, Harry

Adams, Jewell

Adams, Julian

Adams, J. W.

Adams, L. C.

Adams, Lois

Adams, Luther

Adams, Mark

Adams, Mrs. D. D.

Adams, Mrs. Julian

Adams, Mrs. Luther

Adams, Mrs. T. S.

Adams, Mrs. W. T.

Adamson, J. S.

Adamson, Loraine

Adamson, Mrs. Tiller

Adamson, Mrs. Tiller

Adams, Reaves

Adams, R. M.

Adams, Ruth

Adams, Wanda Kate

Adams, W. F.

Aday, Hunert

Aday, J. Leo

Aday, Mrs. O. A.

Adcock, Mildred

Adkins, Caldwell

Adkins, Joan

Adkins, Mrs. M. M.

Adkisson, Mary Margaret

Adkisson, Rubye

Adkisson, W. J.

Adler, Ray

Advertisers Display Co.

Adyelott, Josephine

Aetna Life Ins. Co. 5 men on a card

Aetna Life Ins. Co., Men presenting business to Mr. Campbell

Aetna Life Ins. Co. office in Wallace Bldg.

Agar, Dr. John

Agar, John S.

Agee, Charlotte

Agee, Mrs. T. W.

Agee, W. P.

Agee, W. P.

Ahrens, Mrs.

Aiken, Mildred

Aiken, Mrs. Ella

Akers, Noel McBradley

Akin, Oscar R.

Al Amin Temple Shrine Play

Albright, Mac

Albright, Mrs. F. R.

Albright, Mrs. F. T.

Albright, Mrs. R. A.

Albright, Mrs. T. R.

Alderson, Estelle

Alderson, Hugh

Aldrich, Marie

Aldridge, Imogene

Alewine, Mary Lee

Alexander, Anna Mae

Alexander, Eleanor

Alexander, Grady

Alexander, Julian

Alexander, Mary

Alexander, Miss Louie

Alexander, Mrs. A. L.

Alexander, Mrs. A. L.

Alexander, Mrs. Albert

Alexander, Mrs. A. N.