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This item is a composite photograph of the Fifty-Second General Assembly of the state of Arkansas showing members of the 1939 Arkansas House of Representatives. Individuals include Keelin Anthony, A.B. Arbaugh, L.H. Autry, Sam M. Bains, Lee Baker, L.T. Barnes, J. Leonard Bell, W.E. Billingsley, Thomas Blakemore, Ben D. Brickhouse, Edward B. Bryson, E.J. Butler, James R. Campbell, Gus Caple, Eric Caviness, John W. Cloer, Rupert Condrey, Claude Gowart, Carl K. Greekmore, Lloyd Darnell, Lorenzo D. Duncan, J.L. Erwin, John R. Fordyce Jr, Otto Forehand, O.J. Gandy, Lloyd G. Gibson, Ted Goldman, E.S. Graham, John H. Gray, Robert W. Griffith Jr, James C. Hale, Earnest F. Harper, Chester Holland, C.C. Hollensworth, T.M. Hooker Jr, S. Herman Horton, Frank Hudson, Woodrow A. Hutton, Julian James, Proctor F. Johnson, James Fred Jones, R.W. Launius, Elbert A. Leasure, W.J. Ledford, Eli Leflar, Rowland H. Lindsey, G.W. Lookadoo, Jack Machen, Ernest Maner, Walter Massey Jr, B.F. McGraw, W.R. McHaney, Orville J. McInturff, W.T. McKinnon, R.E. McMillon, Roy McNeal, J.C. Mitchell, Johnny Henry Mitchum, Peyton D. Moncrief, Woody Murray, I.T. Murray, Leo E. Nyberg, Henry J. Perryman, Willis L. Plant, J.M. Proffitt, Charles A. Reep, Roy L. Riales, Russell C. Roberts, Pat Robinson, Bert Rongey, J. Forrest Rozzell, Sam Seligson, Edward H. Sellers, Nabors Shaw, Herbert L. Smelser, Max M. Smith, John M. Smith, J.E. Smith, J. Ford Smith, Marshall Tabler, Boyd Tackett, Hubert Taylor, W.O. Tibbels, Archie Tipton, H. Steve Thomas, Adolph Thomas, John M. Bransford, W.H. Toland, H.K. Toney, John P. Vesey, W.A. Waddell, Dalton V. Walker, E.G. Ward, WM. L. Ward, Royse Weicenberger, B. Frank Williams, Means Wilkinson, Mark E. Woolsey, Henry V. Young, Juanita Shaw, Montague Hickman, Earl Berry, Lyle Brown, A.M. Ledbetter, Landrom Newcomb, G.M. Le Marr, Paul Simms, Armitage Harper, Naomi Mitchell, Helen Woolsey, Mary Walsh, Mrs. F.E. Mulkey, Mrs. W.O. Tibbles, Mrs. Frank Graves, Mrs. E.H. Sellers, Bertha V. Ledford, Eva Kirby, Virgina Montgomery, L.A. Jackson, Calvin Thomas Jr, Charles Forehand, Lorea Jones, Penelope Plant, Crystal Creekmore, Lenora Machen, Ella Cowart, Mrs. Pat Robinson, W.E. Loe, G.M. Mathews, G.M. McFann, Dean Leasure, Lucille Greenwood, May Winter, Carmel Stallings, Eugenia Smith, Mary Jane Mahoney, Mae Ward, Dick Burke, Theresa Eheman, Nancy McGrew, Patsy Sue Ferres, Jewel Jefferies, Josephine Vesey, Mrs. Marshall Tabler, Isabel Cloer, Catherine Duval, Robbie Campbell, Louise Horton, Mrs. Amy Lee Bains, Mrs. Mary Massey, Frances Kohn, Katherine L. Smith, Charles Chaney, Harlin Perryman, Rev. B.L. Ayers, David Graham, Paul Dulin, Neal Smalley, J.R. Williams, Dick Terry, WM. Howard, Chas Davis, WM. M. Clack Jr, Warren Baker, Jack Stephens, Bob Riley, Patricia Robinson, Albert L. Leeds, Billy Collins, Joe E. Purcell, L.V. Stephens Jr, Edward Barham, and Vern W. McGraw.

Biographical/Historical Note

The Arkansas General Assembly (AGA) is the legislative body for the state of Arkansas, authorized by the Arkansas Constitution. As Arkansas’s legislative governing body, the AGA is responsible for the creation and amending of laws in the state.

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Black and white photograph, 20.75" x 24.5"


Arkansas. General Assembly.; Arkansas. General Assembly--History.; Arkansas. General Assembly. House of Representatives; Arkansas--History--1865-; Arkansas--History--Pictorial works.

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General photo file, OV G2839A

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General photo file


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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1939 House of Representatives composite, General photo file, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Arkansas. General Assembly.; Arkansas. General Assembly--History.; Arkansas. General Assembly. House of Representatives; Arkansas--History--1865-; Arkansas--History--Pictorial works.