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This item is a composite photograph of the Forty-Fifth General Assembly of the state of Arkansas showing members of the 1925 Arkansas House of Representatives. Individuals include E.E. Alexander, J.T. Angelo, Geo. M. Arnold-Miller, Thos. P. Atkins, Dr. A.S. Baker, W.C. Blackwell, Neil Bohlinger, W.D. Bower, W.P. Brickwell, E. Hope Brooks, O.C. Burnside, WM. Cannon Sevier, Lloyd C. Casteel, Reece A. Caudle, Miss Erle Chambers, Hugh D. Clark, E.R. Collins, Gustave F. Clerget, J.P. Cook Izard, J.D. Covey, S.D. Crawford, Allen T. Davies, Wesley M. Davis, J.C. Dawson, W.C. Denison, Denver Dudley, Hugh Evins, John H. Freeman, M.R. Fugatt, Lester L. Gibson, Felix B. Gilmore, T.A. Gray, Mark Grimes, John W. Hall, Ernest E. Harper, Arthur Harris, Walter C. Harris, Curtis Higginbotham, N. Hobgood, J.S. Holcomb, Chester Holland, Henry Hollinsworth, C. Floyd Huff Jr, Mrs. Sidney J. Hunt, A.M. Hutton, W.A. Jackson, John H. White, Wylie Floyd Jones, Joe W. Kimzey, J.H. Klepper, A.E. Leathers, Dr. J.W. Lewis, Dr. W.H. Lindsey, Z.D. Lindsay, Randolph C. Love, Tate McGehee, Paul McKennon, W.H. McLaughlin, Ray L. McLester, R.L. Mixon, J.D. Moore, Thos. W. Moss, John W. Nance, Irving Neale, W.B. Nelson, D.B. Niven, W.E. Noe, G.B. Oliver Jr, E.L. Page, W.L. Parker, E.N. Plank, L.F. Plunkett, Duval L Purkins, Claude A. Rankin, Aubry J. Remley, Stephen D. Sawyer, Robert T. General Assemblys, M.T. Shackleford, B. Shaddock, J.L. Shaver, Allen D. Shelton, Joe D. Shepherd, Thos. A. Hill, O.P. Shirley, Dolph Smith, Wm. E. Spencer, W.T. Sutton, B.E. Talley, Henry Thane, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Thompson, R.E. Van Winkle, A.B. Vaughan, Wm. H.V. Wahliguist, J.V. Walker, Otis G. Ward, Lowell B. White, J.T. Wimberly, Linzy E. Windham, E.M. Woosley, Ben N. Yates, Riggs Yarbrough, W.P. Strait, Ira M. Gurley, Rev. James F. Jermgan, Clio Harper, Walter Riley, Miss Marie Benton, Miss Elizabeth H. Winston, Thos. Vaughn, W.E. Dew, Paul D. Jernigan, W.J. Patton, Miss Mesilla Shackleford, Miss Maud Marable, Mrs. Paul Hilliard, Mrs. Jeppie Drake, Mrs. Verna Walls, Mrs. T.J. Matheny, Joe Richardson, Wade George, Mrs. Orto Finley, Geo. M. Booth, H.M. Crockett, Miss Mary Hunt, Mrs. Geraldine Brandeau, Miss Jimmie Oathout, Mrs. C.C. Jones, Miss May Ferguson, Miss Ruth Scott, Mrs. Thos. Clingan, Mrs. M.A. Spencer, Miss Nancy P. Johnson, Mrs. Leila Vaughn, Miss Gladys Turner, Mrs. Mattie Whaley, Miss Lois Crafton, Miss Zola Crafton, Miss Lorene De'Bosier, Mrs. Allie Shoppach, Norman Gray, Chas Moss, Norvell Lipscomb, Hugh S. Hollinsworth, Wm. Dunbar, Raymond Ray, March Arnold, Tom Hill, Sidney Hunt Jr, Woodrow Pickhardt, Vaughn Jackson, George Hand, Miss Lola Cook, and Miss Mamie Ford.

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The Arkansas General Assembly (AGA) is the legislative body for the state of Arkansas, authorized by the Arkansas Constitution. As Arkansas’s legislative governing body, the AGA is responsible for the creation and amending of laws in the state.

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Black and white photograph, 20.75" x 25"


Arkansas. General Assembly.; Arkansas. General Assembly--History.; Arkansas. General Assembly. House of Representatives; Arkansas--History--1865-; Arkansas--History--Pictorial works.

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General photo file, OV G5708

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General photo file


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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1925 House of Representatives composite, General photo file, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Arkansas. General Assembly.; Arkansas. General Assembly--History.; Arkansas. General Assembly. House of Representatives; Arkansas--History--1865-; Arkansas--History--Pictorial works.