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The Arkansas Department of Aeronautics records contain state airport aid grant applications and correspondence, papers and reports, presentations with slide trays and movie reels, photographs and maps.

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The Arkansas Department of Aeronautics promotes aviation safety, encourages the establishment and planned expansion of airports to enhance economic development, and administers the State Airport Aid Program. They also help coordinate aviation planning efforts between local, state, and federal governments. The Arkansas Department of Aeronautics was created by Act 457 of 1941, which established the agency for a period of 25 years, to be headed by a commission consisting of the chairperson of the State Police Commission, the adjutant general of the State of Arkansas, the chairperson of the State Penal Board, the chairperson of the State Highway Commission, and the head of the ADA. The duties, as defined by the act, consisted of providing for the examination, rating, and licensing of airports; adopting rules and regulations for airports and other landing sites; providing for the protection of necessary air space reservations in the state; designating and charting civil airways; investigating accidents; encouraging the establishment of airports; regulating flight instruction; and enforcing air traffic rules. In addition, the ADA was authorized to use convict labor for construction work on airports and runways. Later acts changed the composition of the commission overseeing the ADA. Act 155 of 1961 added a few individuals, including the commanding officer of the Arkansas Air National Guard, although Act 456 of 1965 changed the number of commissioned members appointed by the governor. As of 2010, it consists of seven appointed commissioners who hold five-year terms and is the smallest of the state agencies, having only four paid personnel. The ADA is not funded by general revenue appropriations, but rather receives its funding from a special account into which is paid the sales tax on aircraft, aviation fuel, and aviation-related parts, products, and services, as per Act 924 of 1997. However, the agency does disburse state and federal grant money.

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Arkansas Department of Aeronautics records, MS.000794


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas Department of Aeronautics records, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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