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This collection includes photographic negative albums and indexes, selected printed and digital photographs, and documents and publications pertaining to L.K. Pomeroy, his travels, and his studies and work in timber growth and industry. Indexes of negatives were created by donor and may refer to materials not held by the Arkansas State Archives.

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Leslie Klett Pomeroy was born to William Justis and Anna Barbara Klettt Pomeroy on December 12, 1896, in Wisconsin. After graduating from high school in Madison, L.K. Pomeroy began studing civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin in 1915. He worked part-time at the United States Forest Products Laboratory where he continued after being rejected for military service due to physical conditions. In October 1917, Pomeroy and friend Eugene P. Conner sailed on the Monteagle for Japan. They provided consulting services as they traveled to the Philippines, Japan, China, Egypt, India, Siberia, Italy, France and England. On their return they worked in forestry related capacities until moving to Arkansas in 1925 to start the Ozark Badger Lumber Company in Wilmar, Drew County, Arkansas. Here Pomeroy initiated the practice of selected marking and periodic cutting, becoming the "father of sustained yield" gaining national and international attention and providing educational services for Yale University, Syracuse University, and other forestry programs and organizations. Pomeroy married Fay Roberts in 1923, and they had four children together. L.K. Pomeroy died January 20, 1976, and is buried in Monticello, Arkansas.

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