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This collection contains various records from the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission including annual reports, publications, audio of commission meetings, posters, and other material.

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The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission (ANHC) was established in 1973. It is currently an agency of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism. It is charged with the responsibilities of 1) establishing and protecting the Arkansas System of Natural Areas; 2) collecting and maintaining information on the rare plant, animal, and high-quality natural communities of Arkansas; and 3) providing data and information regarding the natural diversity of Arkansas. Its creation was a result of legislation in Acts 297 of 1971 and 112 of 1973. Act 297 charged the Arkansas Planning Commission with establishing a system for preservation of natural areas and providing an inventory and protection of these areas. The Arkansas Natural Area Plan was developed by the commission to achieve this, but at the time, it lacked funding to complete the plan. In 1973, Act 112 established the Arkansas Environmental Preservation Commission to implement the Arkansas Natural Area Plan. The agency was renamed the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission in 1975 when it became an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage (DAH). The Arkansas General Assembly also transferred the duties of the Arkansas Natural and Scenic Rivers Commission (ANSRC) to the ANHC, after the dissolution of the ANSRC by Act 1023.

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Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission records, MS.000763


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Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission records, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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