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This collection is comprised of three record groups transferred to the Arkansas State Archives from IRC member agencies. The first record group contains programs from IRC Executive Secretarial Seminars from 1972 through 2008, a guestbook signed from the seminars as well as other IRC events, and discs from the 2007 IRC Christmas luncheon. The second record group contains files mostly collected by Dorothy Gilliam, former executive secretary to the education commissioner and former chair of the Interdepartmental Relations Committee. It contains files related to IRC finance, meetings, and seminars. It also includes governor's proclamations related to the committee and audio files and photographs from the annual seminars. These files cover the years 1972 to 2014. The third record group contains files with information about the organization's history and purpose, meeting minutes, and miscellaneous material from meetings and seminars, mostly from the 1970s.

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The Interdepartmental Relations Committee (IRC) was formed in 1972, during Governor Dale Bumpers administration, with the purpose of improving communications and working relations between the governor and the governor's cabinet. The group was originally called the Executive Secretaries Committee, but the name was changed to the Interdepartmental Relations Committee because some of the members were not executive secretaries, and the new name better reflected the committee's purpose. The IRC works to promote understanding of how different state government departments and agencies function and builds working relationships between them. Members are appointed by the head of each department or agency. The appointed member is usually the administrative assistant to the department head. The committee holds a seminar, the Annual Conference for Administrative Professionals, in the fall of each year.

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Interdepartmental Relations Committee (IRC) records, MS.000688


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Interdepartmental Relations Committee (IRC) records, Arkansas States Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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