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This collection contains a treasury warrant issued by Eureka Springs for public improvements

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Eureka Improvement Company had a major influence on the development of Eureka Springs and its built environment. The company, organized in 1882 by former Arkansas governor Powell Clayton and other enterprising investors, reflects Eureka Springs' most illustrious period, the "era of big promoters". These men invested heavily in the development and promotion of Eureka Springs as a health center and a retirement place for the wealthy. Seeing the need for a railroad line into Eureka Springs, the Eureka Improvement Company began promoting and planning for what became the Eureka Springs Railroad. Completed in 1882, the railroad brought great prosperity to the town not only in the health trade but in the commercial industry as well. The railroad terminal was the nearest depot for the isolated counties to the east and southeast making Eureka Springs an important commercial center for the area. The benefits of the railroad and its running of as many as six trains a day seemed to assure the future economic success of the town. The second contribution of the Eureka Improvement Company was the company's activities and participation with the city council in improving the living environment of Eureka Springs. Most of the early housing was poorly constructed with no stone or cement foundations. Through investment in the town, the Eureka Improvement Company encouraged and erected more substantial buildings. Brick and stone, particularly limestone, sandstone, granite and marble quarried from the surrounding vicinity, were now included in the construction fabric. The company also encouraged the widening of the streets, the installation of street lights, water and sewage systems and wooden sidewalks. Granite and limestone walls were used to terrace the hillsides for construction and landscaping.

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Document, 8.5" x 11"

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Eureka Springs, Carroll County, (Ark.)





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Eureka Springs treasury warrant, SMC.037.022


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Eureka Springs treasury warrant, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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