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1895 June 2


This is a letter written by Mary Dewoody to her husband, W.L. Dewoody, who was traveling.

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W.L. (William Lawrence) was born December 30, 1847 in Athens, Alabama, the son of Samuel N. and Louisa Ann Coman Dewoody. His family moved to Eastport, Mississippi, and in 1862, to Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi. During the Civil War, Will Dewoody joined the Confederate Army and served as a courier and scout for Henderson's Scouts, under General Nathan Bedford Forrest. W.L.'s brothers, James and Samuel, both joined the Confederate Army; James was killed in the war. W.L. Dewoody had studied as a druggist and started a partnership with his sister Marion's husband, John Nelson. In 1870 W.L. and his brother-in-law, John Nelson, opened a drug store, which they named Nelson, Dewoody and Company, in Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas, later W.L. Dewoody and Company. A dean of Arkansas druggists, he was honorary president of the American Pharmaceutical Association. W.L. married Mary Sorrells, of Warren, Arkansas, May 5, 1875. Mary was born June 6, 1854, the daughter of Judge Theodric F. and Rebecca Mark Sorrells. She was a graduate of Hamilton Female College in Lexington, Kentucky. W.L and Mary had thirteen children, and eight grew to adulthood: Marion Louise Dewoody (Mrs. C.W.) Pettigrew, Rebecca Dewoody (Mrs. Earl W.) Phillips, Martha Alma Dewoody Brightwell, Emma Virginia Dewoody Sloss, Florence Antoinette Dewoody (Mrs. J.W.) Briley, William Lawrence Dewoody, Jr., T. Sorrells Dewoody, and Margaret Coman Dewoody (Mrs. Harry) Miller. W.L. Dewoody died June 30, 1918. Mary Sorrells Dewoody died November 20, 1934. The Dewoodys are buried in the Bellwood Cemetery, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


June 2nd 1895
Dear Husband,
I do hope you secured a
sleeper, for I know your trip would be a
failure without it and I do want you
to be so thoroughly recuperated as to feel
that every (?) was well invested. Every
child is well and each filed off to Sun-
day school in unusual good humor. Auntie
and Jimmie are on the front porch enjoy-
ing the papers. Auntie brings me this
clipping from the Graphic and asks me
to send it with her love. I have just
finished a letter to Shudal(?), which I
hope will cover the case. Ballard and his
wife have a fine boy, which arrived
very promptly after your departure
You see[,] your going don't hinder some
things. I am glad it has happened
hope now for the father's continued
good health. Emma, with bag and bag-
gage departed for Sulphur Springs
yesterday evening. I will miss her. Tom
is not well. Bettie is not well again.
Auntie and I spent yesterday evening over
there - her health is about to rise but
I think can be put back. Charlie has
had fever for three days - just as soon as
they are able, both of them are going
to Iuka. Pa came over yesterday eve
was surprised to find you gone. Says he
knows that you will enjoy such a trip.
Margaret has her hair in curl papers. We
are going to Grandma's after dinner and
she hurries Aunt Sarah every few minutes
with dinner[.] She is anxious to get off.
Reva rehearsed her piece last night
with her dress and veil on - she looked
and did nicely. Miss McBride is coming here
tomorrow night to rehearse it with the
music. Well you know I have no news so
soon but we will all do our best and you
must enjoy your trip. All send love
Your loving wife,
Mary Dewoody

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Letter, 1 page, front and back, 6" x 9.25"


Women; Correspondence; Spouses

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Pine Bluff, Jefferson County (Ark.)




MS.000346, Box 1, Folder 13, Item 2

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Dewoody family papers, MS.000346


Arkansas State Archives

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Arkansas State Archives

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Letter, Mary Dewoody to W.L. Dewoody, Dewoody family papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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