In April of 2015, The Arkansas History Commission, renamed the Arkansas State Archives the following year, celebrated the 110th anniversary of its creation by the Arkansas General Assembly. In 1905 it was the third state archives established--following Alabama and Mississippi, who were the pioneers in 1901 and 1902, respectively, of this soon common state institution.

John Hugh Reynolds served as the first secretary of the Arkansas History Commission. Over the next one hundred and ten years, the Arkansas History Commission had a variety of directors and staff that worked in organizing and maintaining the state and local history of Arkansas.

"Tales from the Vault" is a collection of 110 items from the Arkansas State Archives' diverse holdings. Each item was picked by a member of staff in 2015, for the interest it sparked, or the connection the staff member felt with the item.

The Comments field on each item includes a description by staff on why the item was chosen for this online exhibit. Selections source from across the Arkansas State Archives' collections, and include artifacts, audio, books, documents, photographs, and more.


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